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What Are the Social Sciences?

Grade 4 "Social Studies Alive"

Nicole Cook

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of What Are the Social Sciences?

What Are the
Social Sciences? Social Scientists - study how people live in groups. "Why do people behave as they do?" Watch people. Ask questions. Study written records. Economist Geographer Historian Political Scientist 1861 Study artifacts. What would a social scientist learn about you by studying these artifacts? Definition Economist - scientist who studies the way people in a community use resources to meet their needs and wants Economists study: Needs: Wants: food
shelter new game
candy bar
Wii Economic Artifacts price tags sales slips coupons advertisements Definition: Geographer - scientist who studies natural and constructed features of Earth's surface Geographers study: Natural Features: Constructed Features: land
animals towns
dams Geographic Artifacts maps weather records newspaper articles wildflowers birds' nests The Social Sciences of Economics The Social Science of Geography The Social Science of History The Social Science of
Political Science Definition: Historian - scientist who studies the past. 1861 Questions a historian might ask: "What happened in the past?" "Who took part in these events?" "How did these things happen?" "And why did they happen this way?" History Artifacts: birth certificates baby books family photos letters diaries family treasures Definition Political Scientist - scientist who studies
government Who is in charge? Political Science Artifacts legal forms election ads stories about government voter information newspaper articles about laws
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