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History in Practice: Week 7

No description

Ben Wilcock

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of History in Practice: Week 7

History in Practice: Week 7
Introducing Infanticide
In your groups, consider why infanticide is an important topic to consider in a course about Victorian history.

What histories might studies on infanticide teach us about?

What does infanticide tell us about Victorian society?

Primary Source:
Medical Journals
Have a look at the extract from The Lancet, a significant an well-circulated medical journal.

What does Dr. Goldie say about the death of children?

Who is to blame?

Do you think this is a fair assessment?
Edward Berdoe's conclusion
Essay Question
Seminar Structure
Assessment feedback

Infanticide: what, why and how?

Mothers on trial?

Measuring infanticide:
methods in secondary reading


Have a look at the three examples of introductions to essays that you have been given.

In pairs or small groups, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Which one is the best? Which is the worst?
Office Hours
If you have any questions about the assessment for this course, or would like to discuss any aspect of your degree programme, please come to my office hours.

These are in Samuel Alexander A6 at the following times:

Monday 3pm-4pm
Tuesday 11am-12noon

Alternatively, please email me:
Primary Source:
Mothers to blame?
Each group has been given an extract from the same article, published in a journal called
The Nineteenth Century
in 1891.

Does Berdoe agree with Dr. Goldie?

What are the main arguments?

Treating these primary sources critically - how might we explain these differences?
Seminar Structure
Next assessment piece: overview

Next assessment piece: hints and tips

Introductions - the good, the bad and the ugly
History in Practice Assessment:
Essay Plan
Your next piece of assessed work for this course is a detailed essay plan. The plan should consist of:

An introduction
A plan
A conclusion
A bibliography
Death and Dying
in Victorian Britain

Thematic hour
Skills hour
Secondary Reading
Discuss your secondary reading for this week, with particular reference to the following questions:

1. How have historians identified infanticide as a crime associated with money?

2. To what extent do historians think incidences of infanticide reflects the moral politics of Victorian Britain?

3. What difficulties have historians identified with measuring the rates of infanticide?

To what extent have historians relied too much on statistics to understand infanticide?

The deadline for this essay plan is
Wednesday 23rd November, 12 noon
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