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Copy of How to Change Education

The "EdPrezi" primer on options for education change

martin webb

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of How to Change Education

The History
of Asbestos "What are
the main types
of Asbestos?" "Where can Asbestos
be found in properties?" ...that $upports... Course Content 1 2 3 4 5 7 5.1 Your Destiny, by
Zip Code Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/wheruliv .org 5.12 Home as School Is School Hard Enough?
"Rigor" 6.3 Do You Speak
English? More than 40% of California students speak a language other than English at home. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/englls .org 6.4 Science, Technology,
Math and Engineering From Sputnik to Foxconn,
schools are expected to prepare students for a technical future. Ed100 more on .org How many languages can you teach in? .org education 2. Introdution 3. video 4. category education History Types Asbestos in Buildings Assessment Surveys Proceduces  "How can
effect me?" education  8 "So what happens next??" 5.12 Home as School "So what about
Assessment Surveys?" education  6 "Why do i need
to be on
this session?" The
Stuff According to WHO more than 107, 000 people
die each year from occupational exposure to asbestos fibres About 125 million people in the world are exposed to asbestos in the workplace

There are four main diseases caused by asbestos: In the UK asbestos fibres are responsible for around around 4500 deaths per year. 25% of people now dying from
asbestos diseases once worked
in the building trades Each week approximately 20 tradesmans per week from this hidden killer mesothelioma (which is always fatal),
lung cancer (almost always fatal),
asbestosis (not always fatal, but it can be very debilitating)
pleural thickening (not fatal) If you carry out work on a building that was built or refurbished before the year 2000, you could have been exposed to asbestos, without even knowing it. Asbestos related diseases kill more people than any other single work related illness. Asbestos related diseases won't affect immediately but later on in life, so there is a need for you to protect yourself now to prevent you contracting an asbestos-related disease in the future.

It is also important to remember that people who smoke and are also exposed to asbestos fibres are at a much greater risk of developing lung cancer Asbestos related diseases can take 10-50 years to develop and there is no cure Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM's) in good condition and left undisturbed cannot cause ill health The greater the disturbance of ACM's and the longer the duration the greater the risk to health You cant see it, taste it, or smell it You wont know that you have been exposed to it DEPENDS ON THE Amount, Duration of Exposure & Type of Asbestos Asbestos fibres do not evaporate into the air or dissolve in water. Small fibres may be suspended in the air for a long time. Fibres released into the air and may become inhaled into the lungs Video
Asbestos Awareness Training 2013 Training Category
This type of training is required for those holding a HSE License for carrying out work with or removing asbestos containing materials that are relatively high risk such as laggings, sprayed coatings and insulating board. 
This training is required for Operatives, Supervisors and Managers Category A -Asbestos Awareness If you have no intention of removing asbestos but work on buildings built or refurbished
before the year 2000, asbestos could be present. 

You will need awareness training so you know how to avoid the risks Category B - Non-Licensed Asbestos Work
Persons requiring this type of training would include those whose work will knowingly
disturb low risk asbestos containing materials, such as maintenance workers and their
supervisors; and those who carry out asbestos sampling and analysis Category C - Licensed Asbestos Work Deaths from asbestos-related diseases will surge in Asia over the next 20 years. Asia's Asbestos Tsunami Asia now accounts for 64 percent of the world’s asbestos use, but for only about 13 percent of the asbestos-related deaths . Companies in India that make cheap roofing sheets employ 100,000 people, many in badly ventilated factories, some importing asbestos
from Russia and Canada. India, China and some other large Asian countries
do not record asbestos data, so their official death
counts are probably artificially low, Asbestos is the name given to a naturally occurring group of silicate minerals.

Top 5 asbestos producers are: Russia (1,000,000), China (400,000), Brazil (270,000), Kazakhstan (214,000) and Canada (100,000) *metric tons

Top 5 asbestos users reported are: China (613,760), India (426,363), Russia (263,037), Brazil (139,153) and Indonesia (111,848) *metric tons

More than 107,000 people die each year from asbestos-related diseases 1900's 3500 BC 800AD 1930's 1950's 2012 2000 1920's 1970's 1960's 1980's 1990's Some cigarettes used asbestos in their filter tips
Between 1952 - 1957, Americans puffed their way through over 13 Billion Kent "Micronite" filtered cigarettes 1877- First Asbestos Mine opened in Canada 1929-Report of asbestosis in person living next door to asbestos factory 1931-Great Britain enacts laws
to regulate asbestos exposure levels 1932-Encyclopedia Britannica identifies asbestos fibers as a cause of lung cancer 1935- reports of asbestos and lung cancer in American
Journal of Cancer with as little as 19 months of exposure 1700's While traveling to Siberia,
described being offered garments that
could not burn. he was told that these
garments were made from a mineral
from the mountains, which contained
threads just like wool The first documented death
related to asbestos was in 1906. 1300 Asbestos use in England dates back to the 1700s,
but did not become widespread until the Industrial Revolution during the late 1800s Marco Polo 1800's IDUSTRIAL REVOLUATION 1910's 1980's

Any questions??

Thanks for listening .... Asbestos Database
Asbestos Awareness Review Select Area Asbestos Database
Asbestos Awareness Review Review Details Asbestos Database
Asbestos Awareness Review Select Assessment Asbestos Database
Asbestos Awareness Review Select Property Asbestos Database
Asbestos Awareness Review Password: Password: 1 User name: PAM Advice them to stop any work and contact the Duty Surveyor What should you do if a Customer contacts you to enquiry if a building has asbestos in it?. FAQ’s. Can I use any other company apart from Shield to work on ACM?. Asbestos Management Plan At the moment NO

There are plans to source non-licensed contractors & train some of the Property Care Direct Team
Asbestos Awareness Review Contact Shield Environmental

Dean Humphreys


0117 3012 645 07788 013582

Email details to: asbestosmgt@alliancehomes.co.uk Refer to Asbestos Coordinator for support Add to your project details and Email details to: asbestosmgt@alliancehomes.co.uk

Same procedure for consignment notes Refer to Asbestos Coordinator for support What do I do with Shields method statement? FAQ’s. How do I remove an ACM? Asbestos Management Plan
Asbestos Awareness Review Refer to Asbestos Coordinator for support
Can the work be completed without disturbing any ACM?

Is the contractor suitably trained?

Does the ACM need to be removed? Refer to Asbestos Coordinator for support What happens if there is a survey and asbestos is in the work area? FAQ’s. What happens if there is no survey? Asbestos Management Plan Determine the age of the building

Request a survey via asbestosmgt@alliancehomes.org.uk

Can the work be completed without disturbing any ACM?
Asbestos Awareness Review s/drive: assets/asbestos asbestosmgt.alliancehomes.org.uk Email any asbestos management action whilst on duty should be emailed to: Staff Request Review asbestos database to determine if ACM is present.

Advise correct action- stop any further work if necessary.

Contact relevant line manager via telephone & email.

Refer to Asbestos Management Plan & Asbestos Co-ordinator for guidance Asbestos Management Asbestos Database ASBESTOS MANAGEMENT PLAN Asbestos Management Plan Duty Supervisor
Asbestos Management Review Can the work be carried out without
disturbing any potential ACM? Asbestos survey completed and work completed following the Asbestos Management Plan
Email asbestosmgt@alliancehomes.org.uk to request a survey Continue work No Yes Does the survey confirm that
the material does not contain asbestos Has the survey assessed the work area? Review the Asbestos database details Discovered or damaged materials that could
contain asbestos? Operatives/Contractors Report the problem to the person in charge as soon as possible. Ensure that the material is not disturbed. STOP WORK IMMEDIATELY Hotline Asbestos
Co-ordinator Asbestos Register Asbestos Database Alliance Homes
Duty Supervisor
Asbestos Management Review Exercise: Property 1 Exercise: Property 2 Exercise: Property 3 Exercise: Property 4 Loose Fill Asbestos Loft insulation and firestop packing around cables between floors Mattresses and quits used for thermal insulation of industrial boilers Easily become airbourne if distrubed giving rise to high exposures PURE ASBESTOS Sprayed Coatings Thermal& anticondensation insulation on the underside of roofs and sometimes the sides of buildings. Accoustic insulation in theatres, halls etc High potential for fibre release if knocked etc
Dust can accumlate ledges etc 55-85% Fire protect on steel beams and columns Crocidolite until 1962
Mixture of products used upto 1974 Thermal Insulation Hand applied lagging, preformed slabs,bricks. Tape, rope, paper and blankets Ease of fibre release depends on
lagging and encapsulated method 6-85% Crocidolite in lagging until 1970
Amosite was phased out during the 1970's Asbestos Boards Fire protection, thermal and accoustic insulation. Service ducts, fire breaks, ceiling tiles, fire doors Can have high asbestos
content and be easily broken
Crocidolite 1896 until 1965 Chrysotile Millboard 37-97% Insulating Board
Crocidolite until 1965
Amosite until 1980s 15-25% Insulating Lining
Crocidolite until 1965
Amosite until 1980 16-40% CROCIDOLITE,
blue (the most dangerous) AMOSITE
brown (dangerous) CHRYSOTILE
white asbestos
(the least dangerous) Refresher Types of Asbestos Materials No Yes No
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