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Movie Archetype walkeraj

No description

Anthony Walker

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Movie Archetype walkeraj

Man Of Steel Archetype/ Journey
By:Anthony Walker

Man of Steel Archetype/journey
Superman-hero in Man of Steel

Hero journey-Call to adventure
Krypton the planet was getting attacked by Zod and his allies and he was trying to get the krypton. But superman's parents made superman in a machine and he was made of krypton. The krypton made in Superman made him go on an adventure.
Refusal of call
His parents made superman refuse the adventure because they wanted him safe and sent him off in a ship so he wouldn't get killed.
Aid from a protective figure
When Superman's ship crashed on Earth it landed on a farm and Jonathan and Martha Kent adopted him and kept him as their son.
Crossing the threshold into the unkown
When Superman was sent form his planet Krypton to the planet Earth.
Entering the trials and difficult tasks
There were many difficult tasks superman had to overcome. It started when he was a kid because he felt like a freak when everyone was normal. Alos as he grew up Zod found out Superman was the baby with the Krypton so Zod wanted to kill Superman and get the krypton.. Superman had to defeat Zod and his affiliates.
Atonement with father
Superman found an old ship of his fathers on Earth in an ice mountain. There he found a hologram and it was his father and Superman was able to talk to his father like he was alive.
Reaching Bottom-apparent defeat or death
Zod convinced Superman to come on his ship because if he didn't Zod would kill all the humans. Superman was tricked and locked in a room where super powers weren't able to be used, and was getting his life drained out of him.
Marriage, baptism, or blessing
Lois Lane, the woman Superman has feelings for, is on the ship and somehow turns off the power suppresor on the ship and saves Superman and the Superman realizes that Zod needs to be brought down. Superman feels a strenght and wants to save everyone and defeats Zod
Gift from god
Superman never really gets a gift from a god but the krypton inside give him super powers and that is a gift.
magic flight or rescue
Superman contributes to society because he saves all of the humans and Earth.
Sharing gift with world
Superman does not get a gift, therefore he can't share it.
Living in the world perhaps preparing for the next call
After Superman defeats Zod that is the ending but I'm sure the next time someone needs saving he will save them.

He is a hero for many reasons. First, he was separated from his family. As well he sacrificed himself to Zod for the humans.In the beginning he was transported to Earth on a ship. He gains wisdom from his expierences on Earth and Krypton. Superman goes in the cycle of the Hero journey.
Zod- Archetype
Zod is obviously the villain in this movie. He commits crimes, for example, he attacks the planet Krypton and then wants to attack Earth. Zod wants power from the Krypton that's in Superman. In the movie he is self centered and wants what is best for him.
Lois Lane- Archetype
Lois is a damsel because she is very innocent. Also she has no powers like Superman or anyone from Krypton so she is pretty helpless. Also she is in love with Clark and that's what usually happens, the hero and damsel fall in love.
Jor El- Archetype
Jor-El was also a mentor. He was Clark's father. When superman found the hologram of his real father, Jor-El, Clark got advice from Jor-El. Jor-El was also very wise.
Jonathan Kent
He was the mentor because when he found Clark in the rocket ship he took him in and raised him. He helped Superman become a man. Jonathan gave wise advice. Also he provided support for Clark when he because he could have just left Clark in the rocket ship.
Faora Ul- Archetype
She is a villain because she helped Zod to destroy the planet Krypton and take the Krypton form Superman/Clark. She committed crimes because before she destroyed Krypton she was in jail for killing people.
Martha Kent- Archetype
Martha was a mentor as well. She was the mother that adopted Clark from the ship with Jonathan. She raised him and encouraged him to use his power for the good.
Lara- Archetype
She is the mother of Clark. Also the mentor and damsel. She is very protective of Clark and saves him when Krypton is attacked. She is a damsel because she is innocent and can't stop Zod.
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