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Lecture # 4 by Catuira, Ivy

No description

ivy catuira

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Lecture # 4 by Catuira, Ivy

It is a voice output battery charger designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. LECTURE # 4 Turbo 6 Talking Charger This unit charges up to six batteries at once with two charging compartments for flat 9-volt batteries and four compartments for cylindrical double-A, triple A, C, or D cells.
Batteries can be charged in any combination
The compartment number and charging status of batteries are announced as batteries are placed in the unit, when charging is complete, or when the user presses a button.
This unit is available in English and Spanish version FEATURES This unit only charges on
the following types of batteries: Nickel-cadmium (Nicad)Nickel-mental hydride (NiMH)and rechargeable alkaline-manganese (RAM) Voice Sense Voice Sense It is a braille notetaker and personal digital assistant designed for individuals who are blind or have a low vision. It is a braille notetaker and personal digital assistant designed for individuals who are blind or have a low vision. FEATURES: Functions include:
note taking, address and schedule manager, e-mail, voice recording, a Daisy talking book player, an MP3 player, an FM radio receiver, and wireless networking (LAN and bluetooth)
POWER: Uses rechargable lithium polymer battery. It is a voice activated telephone dialer designed for individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This unit enable the user to call, answer, or hang up with an adaptive switch. The user activates the switch then says the name of the person to call VOICE SWITCH ADAPTED BLUETOOTH CELL VOICE DIALLER The unit communicates wirelessly with any bluetooth cellphone or service provider. Voice infrared Environmental
voice control system it is a voice input remote control designed for individuals with mobility neurological, or severe physical disabilities.
This unit allows the user to voice control the TV, DVD, stereo or any device controlled with infrared remote, with options and accessories to control lights.
it supports 1 to 4 users and up to 120 voice commands with hands-free or single button. VS
COMMUNICATOR It is a symbolic communicator program designed for use by individuals with cognitive, communication, or sppech disabilities.
This alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) software supports text- or symbol-based communication, and allows the user to access other software from within the program. VS VIRTUACLICK
is a mouse emulator program designed for individuals with upper extremity or fine motor disabilities.
This program, provides access to mouse click features in Windows applications for individuals who have difficulty in using a mouse.
The program can also operate with a head mouse or another alternative input device.
The program performs mouse clicks for the user when the mouse pointer dwells at a position.
The program can do all standard click types and performs mouse click in all windows program. VS VIRTUACLICK VS WORD
PREDICTION It is a word prediction program designed for individuals with learning disability. It helps the user to write grammatically correct sentences and/or increase their writing speed on the computer. It also uses frequency word lists to predict which is about to be written. TYPE and WRITE Type and write is a notebook/laptop computer support designed for use by individuals with neck or back pain. This laptop is support also serves as a writing stand. Made of hand-finished lightweight cottonwood and equipped with non- scratch rubber feet, this stand folds flat when not in use. Prepared by:

Ivy Catuira
BEE-SPED III-S (a) It is a keyboard communicator designed for individuals with hearing or communication disabilities.This portable, wireless, stand alone communication device facilitates simultaneous face to face communication by means of two displays and two keyboards. The device comprises one unit is comprised with two halves which enables two people to have a face to face conversation. Ibsar is an Arabic and English -Language voice output optical character recognition and screen reader program and web browser designed for individuals who are blind or have a low vision. This integrated program is based on Sakhr Arabic/English text to speech (TTS) and optical character recognition (OCR) engines.
The program reas printed books and documents aloud as well as electronic files.
Screen content is read with a high quality human voice.
The screen reader function works with most software program in Arabic and English. IBSAR UBIDUO
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