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Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers

Religion project by Julianne Ferrie, Elle Salinas, and Julianne Dones on the 7th Catholic Social Teaching Theme.

Julianne Ferrie

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers

Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers By: Julianne Ferrie, Elle Salinas, and Julianne Dones Child Labor Bad Working Conditions Unequal Pay Nike The minimum hazardus working agriculture working age is 16, and for any other work the minimum age is 18 years old.
Because of child labor, some children do not get the chance to go to school and they grow up being illiterate, making it harder for them to make something of themselves and forcing them to work for the rest of their lives, Nike'scorporation is worth about 4 billion dollars, and yet they only pay their employees as little as $.16 cents an hour. Their workers have to work 12-hour shifts for about 6 or 7 days a week. Nike uses child labor Catholic Views on Working Most Nike factories are loud, dirty, and dangerous, especially for children. There is a minimum working age, but some companies and factories do not abide by these laws and they force children to work at very young ages. Many children die before they become teenagers because of their work. Most die from very dangerous explosives. Thankfully, the percentage of child labor is slowly decrasing, and less and less children are being forced to work until the proper age. Discrimination Workers are forced to work long hours with very little breaks. They usually work 12-hour long days, and they work 6-7 days a week. People are forced to do dangerous jobs, which can harm themselves and others. Many people have lost limbs, broken bones, and caught diseses due to these dangerous jobs. Many workers are only allowed to go the bathroom once a day, and they are forced to hold it in all day. Most workers are only paid minimum wage, which is barely enough for them to provide for them and their families. Some factories abuse their workers. Mistreated Workers International clothing companies are unjust to their workers. To earn as much money as possible, they pay workers in foreign countires the absolute lowest pay the country will allow them. This is making many of the countries in Africa poor since their people are being mistreated by their companies. Since the pays are so low, the people are living a life of struggle to support their family. Then there is this quote from a worker, "I had to borrow money to be able to pay my child's school. Our salaries are so low, we could not solve our problems."
Some Companies force their workers to work overtime for long periods of time. They are also being under-paid and are not allowed to form a union. Unfortunately, many companies around the world do this.

Everyone has the right to make a living in order to support themselves. In today's world, we cannot obtain social peace by denying this right to the people. There are three ways that work is a moral right.

1.) This is a way that we can express ourselves and our talents. Therefore we should use our gifts since it help us become more aware of ourselves and God.

2.) This helps us "fulfill our material needs" by being given the opportunity to buy the things we need and want but not to overindulge.

3.) Work allows people to use their gifts to the benefit of the community we live in.
Companies should not base their goals as for the gain of a higher profit. Companies should keep in mind that they should make their company a benefit to the economy and all of the people affected by it. We are obligated to use our gifts given by God to remember that God and his almightiness is present through our talents and actions. unhealthy treatment is against all that God has done for us. All people have the right to be supplied enough money to support their family and therefore should be paid a respectable amount. Some things that people discriminate against are race, gender, and age. These are probably the most common. A study done this year found that 13% had reported such discrimination in the past year alone. Some children are forced to work in mines and many of them die due to these dangerous jobs. Many people are discriminated against if they are gay or lesbian, but the United States in working on protecting these employees. People also discriminate against pregnant women. women affected by pregnancy or related conditions must be treated in the same
manner as other applicants or workers with similar abilities or limitations,
such as temporary medical conditions.
As long as a pregnant woman can perform her job functions, an employer cannot refuse to hire her because of her pregnancy or because of the employer's prejudices about pregnant women or the prejudices of co-workers, clients or
The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), passed in 1990, prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment and public
services, public and private transportation, public accommodations and telecommunication services. The ADA does not cover people with temporary disabilities, minor illnesses or active drug users or alcoholics.
They require employers to make reasonable accommodations to enable an otherwise
qualified person with a disability to do his or her job.
It's not unusual for older workers to encounter age discrimination that makes it harder to get hired, promoted and treated fairly.
Women work just as hard as men, but they are often not paid as much. Sometimes women work harder than men do because they feel they have to. one woman once said "I'm tired of this being a man's world." women are paid only 77 cents for every $1 men receive. This unequal pay continues to harm American women and the families who depend on their wages.
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