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Original Resume Workshop

Creating the Perfect Resume

Mesa ERC

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Original Resume Workshop

Creating the Perfect Resume THANK YOU! (Getting the job comes later...) There should never be gaps in your resume - always cover your entire work history
Always include references
Always have an objective statement
Your resume should not be more than 2 pages
You should include your GPA, under education, as long as it is greater than 3.0
Visual effect can be as important as content
Education should always be listed first
It is OK to include personal information, i.e. marital status, church mission, or age.
TRUE or FALSE RESUME SAMPLE RESUME WORKSHOP Get the INTERVIEW Summary (UPPER to EXECUTIVE): SAMPLE SUMMARIES Senior executive with extensive experience in all aspects of general management and supply chain in the chemical and hazardous waste industries. Managed global operations in Europe and Japan as well as United States. Proven ability to work effectively in all functions across numerous product lines and multi-site facilities. Unique skills in developing and implementing leading edge manufacturing technology and customer supplier interfaces. A creative leader with highly refined problem solving ability, communication skills and strong participative management style. Senior executive with extensive experience in all aspects of general management and supply chain in the chemical and hazardous waste industries. Summary (ENTRY to MID): High-level Statement Drill down Conversational Statement High-level Statement Bold and Bulleted Key-word list SAMPLE STATEMENTS Accomplishments: Led the decentralization of corporate function and 7 continuous improvement initiatives in operations that saved $3.2 million per year and improved customer response time by 50%. Consolidated regional operations and focused on productivity, which improved safety performance by 70%, reduced landfill costs by $3.5 million and increased disposal volume by 96%. Optimized supply chain productivity, product design and creative expansion of facilities which increased capacity 25-40% in four product lines at less than 40% of replacement cost. Initiated and led the implementation of self-directed work teams which positioned all sites to improve productivity 30-40%, reduce costs 15-25% and improve quality focus. Senior Executive General Management Supply Chain Global Operations Multi-site Manager Numerous Products Take 10 minutes and build your Summary. Take 10 minutes and build your Accomplishment Statements. Font Size (Name) = 24 Font Size (Everything else) = 12 1" Margins Justified Font Symmetrical Bold and Left Align Font Type= Arial Creative Leader Participative Management Problem Solver There is no "one size fits all" resume. What is the purpose of a resume? Action Verbs White Space Tailor No Education Dates Quantify Accomplishments Do's and Dont's DO Ensure contact information is correct List achievements that are quantifiable Put the most important points at the top Use strong action verbs
Use good grammar
Use good quality white, cream or ivory bond paper
Remember you have 5 - 10 seconds to make an impression
DON'T Do not use abbreviations
Do not include references
Do not use "I", "Me", or "My"
Do not include personal information
Do not exceed 2 pages
Do not make false statements
Do not include photos or graphics Summary Transition HONESTY S - T - R - E - T - C - H the truth on your resume?
THEY DID: NAME POSITION COMPANY RESULT Scott Johnson CEO Yahoo Resigned Terry Lanni George O'Leary David Edmondson Marilee Jones Michael Brown Sandra Baldwin Chairman and CEO Football Coach CEO Dean of Admissions Director President MGM Mirage Notre Dame RadioShack MIT FEMA U.S. Olympic Cmte. Retired Resigned Resigned Resigned Resigned Resigned It doesn't matter how good you are if you misrepresent yourself on your resume. Source: The Washington Post; 10 May 2012; http://www.washingtonpost.com COVER LETTER Bottom-line first Impact Statement 1 Impact Statement 2 Call to action Closing statement Specific person Let's see how George does >> Employers need to quickly determine who to invest their time with for an interview. EMPLOYER OBJECTIVE The first review will be a 5 to 10 second glance. A more in-depth review comes after you make the first cut. Make sure you avoid the "NO" pile... Avoid the "NO" Pile: Be ORGANIZED and SPECIFIC Offer only RELEVANT INFORMATION WHITE SPACE is good (you'll see...) Spell correctly Use Good grammar (have someone else read it!) Race Religion National Origin Color Disability Sex Pregnancy Status Marital Status Age Keep it simple with key points easily identified Use key words that make it relevant to the job description
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