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Our Writing Class

this prezi demonstrates a fourth grade writing class using the 6 traits of writing as a base. included are websites to help secure the meaning and use of each trait.

Michele Farmer

on 15 August 2010

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Transcript of Our Writing Class

Flow Zone This year you will improve your skills of decision making and goal setting. Our Strategy for Writing + As you may have already
noticed, there are 'trait'
posters in our room. We
will learn all the

of each trait. 6 1 Traits of Writing 1. IDEAS Ideas are the HEART of the writing piece. Always write from your heart. In other words, write about what you really know about and things you have strong feelings for. 3. fig. 2 WORD CHOICE WORD CHOICE—like the sun in the sky can accomplish many things:
. or , or .
The words you choose to include in your writing have profound impact on your reader. Animation in Prezi Welcome to the Did you think of: nose-dive, plummet, plunge, sink, slip, stumble, tip over, topple, totter, trip, tumble, be destroyed, be taken, drop, eat dirt, give up, go under, lie down?
I bet you can think of more.
...and don't forget: so be on the
lookout for
new ideas! You become so totally
engaged in writing
that you loose track
of time. Let's look at some definitons:
What is a decision?
What is a goal? A is the act of making up one's mind.

You by making a .

You make a choice, try it out, test it, and then

you again..."Did this choice work or do I

need to try something else?" decide choice decision decide A is the aim towards an .

You set a goal when you are trying to master

a skill. Reaching your goals gives personal

satisfaction - a reason to celebrate. goal achievement If i make good decisions
and set goals, I can
celebrate because
i have succeeded!
What is a flow zone, you ask... Now that you know what a flow zone is,
let's figure out HOW to enter... The skills you learn each
day in class will give you
the tools you need to
become an awesome
writer. The first skills you need
to master: I am a decision maker!
I will reach my goals! decision making
goal setting Repeat after me: To enter the flow zone,
you must become a thinking writer.
You will have to focus
your thoughts on the
skills you learn each
day in writing class. characteristics What is a characteristic? If you are speaking of the characteristics of someone,
you are describing the things about that person that
make them who they are.

You talk about a distinguishing quality,
attribute, or trait to tell about how something looks.

The same is true when describing the TRAITS of WRITING. Each trait has its own characteristics, or things that make them what they are. Look at the poster one more time! Let's look closer at
the TRAITS! Organization 2. Organization is the structure of writing. Just as a house has an entrance, an exit, hallways that connect, and a sensible layout, so too does a piece of good writing. Blueprints are drawn before a house is built; writing should be “blue-printed” too! Another word or
phrase for fall ? What do you want
your reader to see
when they read
your story? comfort sunburn thirst relaxation Raise your hand if you have a sentence about this creature using : GOOD WORD CHIOCE. 4. Sentence fluency refers to the flow of the writing.
Fluid sentences have variety in the following ways: Sentence Fluency Sentence lengths: Short, medium, and long sentences Sentence beginnings: different Words
and phrases Transitions: Connections between sentences * * * http://www.bygosh.com/AIW/C01/AIWC01.htm
Let's listen to some well written paragraphs by
the author of Alice in Wonderland. His name
is Lewis Carroll.
VOICE 5. http://www.edina.k12.mn.us/concord/teacherlinks/sixtraits/voice.htm some lessons: VOICE http://www.greatsource.com/iwrite/tutorials/microsoft_learning_essentials/SCADC4~1.HTM a few facts about voice CONVENTIONS 6. pathway to conventions: http://writingfix.com/6_traits/conventions.htm http://writingfix.com/PDFs/6_Traits/Building_Traits_Overview.pdf http://writingfix.com/PDFs/6_Traits/Building_Traits_Overview.pdf http://writingfix.com/PDFs/6_Traits/Building_Traits_Overview.pdf http://writingfix.com/PDFs/6_Traits/Building_Traits_Overview.pdf http://writingfix.com/PDFs/6_Traits/Building_Traits_Overview.pdf writing is all about YOU
and what you decide. Remember your ideas
by them down! WRITING ...because you never
know when an IDEA will
snap into your brain.
I am an
! AUTHOR http://writingfix.com/PDFs/6_Traits/Building_Traits_Overview.pdf Sentence: a group of words
that contain a subject and
a verb and form a complete
thought. 1. spoken or written with ease,
2. able to write smoothly, easily, or readily,
3. easy; graceful: fluent flow of words and sentences
4. flowing, as a stream.
Fluency: how do you get fluency? Now, let's get busy
and find our FLOW ZONE!
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