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ma routine

Unit for grade 7 Core French

Madame Nieuwenhof

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of ma routine

ma routine le matin:
To learn the words to be able to talk about your daily routine.
To understand reflexive verbs Quelle heure est-il? Task To create a Comic strip describing your normal routine on a weekday (present) and a routine on the weekend (futur proche)
You will learn how to tell time
You will describe your daily routine in the present
You will describe your daily routine in the near future Ma routine Je me réveille Je me lève Je me douche Je me lave Je me brosse les dents Je m’habille Je prends le petit-déjeuner Je quitte la maison Je vais à l'école Anglais Français I wake up
I get up
I have a shower
I have a wash
I get dressed
I have my breakfast
I brush my teeth
I leave the house
I arrive at school Je me réveille
Je me lève
Je me douche
Je me lave
Je m’habille
Je prends mon petit-déjeuner
Je me brosse les dents
Je quitte la maison
J’arrive au collège
  Reflexive verbs are verbs like se laver, s'habiller, se réveiller, which take an 'extra' (reflexive) pronoun.

Often the action 'refects back' onto the subject.

e.g. Je me lave = I wash (myself)

**How do you know if a verb is reflexive?** Les Verbes Pronominaux
(reflexive verbs) In the infinitive, reflexive verbs are accompanied by 'se' to indicate that they are reflexive.

A lot of the verbs for talking about daily rountine are reflexive: How do you know if a verb is reflexive? se vous nous se te me Reflexive verbs

These verbs include an extra pronoun before the verb.
The infinitive of a reflexive verb has the pronoun se.
The pronouns change depending on the person who is doing the action. se coucher – to go to bed

je ___ couche
tu ___ couches
il/elle/on ___ couche
nous _____ couchons
vous ____ couchez
ils/elles ___ couchent When you use a reflexive verb, you need to change the ending AND use the correct reflexive pronoun.
Eg. Se laver – to get washed Activité En paires. Inventez un mime pour chaque activité 6 5 1 2 3 7 8 9 4 5 3 1 4 2 QUELLE HEURE EST-IL? Il est

À Telling the time in French Une heure … cinq

Deux dix
Trois et quart
Quatre vingt
Cinq vingt cinq
Six heures et demie
Sept moins vingt cinq
Huit moins vingt
Neuf moins le quart
Dix moins dix
Onze moins cinq
Douze …
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