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yuna chon

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Camp Play 4 Life After School Program Diet and Exercise Planning Weighing The Future -Mission: Help stop or prevent childhood obesity
-4 core outreach programs
-Funding provided by:
-Donations, charities, fundraisers, insurance, and Government Subsidies.
-Video: After School Program By: L. Adams, Y. Chon, P. Gilleran, M. Gozo, A. Johnson, E. Lim, J. Stanford Nutrition Counseling The End Goals:
1. Help children maintain or aim for healthy lifestyle/weight
2. Parents who work past 5:30 or later to have safe place where their children can play, eat, homework
3. Build good sportsmanship attitude/ relationships
•One representative from organization
•Occasional guest speakers/ activity specialist We work with schools and community to help promote this program.
Community Bulletin
Weekly newsletter
Permission slips How can we spread the word? Target: Elementary and Middle School Children
Hours: 1-3 hours after school. Workers? Camp Funded by Sponsorships
Campers Pay (Insurance Accepted)
- Overnight: 250/week
- Day Only: 100/week
Must have a letter of Recommendation from
Doctor to attend camp
AGES: 5 – 16 accepted SUMMER CAMP Motivate Obese Children to become Active by Placing them in a Friendly, Fun and Stimulating Environment of a Variety of Activities
Promote Healthy Eating Habits by Feeding Campers Healthy Foods and Teaching Them to the Importance of What Kinds of Foods to Eat, How Much and How to Monitor Food Intake
Educate Campers about Healthy Ways of Living, Including Nutrition, Physical Activity and Social Interactions, and the Importance of Living Healthy GOALS Volunteers
Waterfront/Pool (6)
*must be lifeguard certified
Outdoor Adventure (4)
Nature Craft (2)
Music (2)
Ceramics (1)
Camp Counselors (40)

Requirements (*):
All Require an age of 16 or older Paid
24/7 Nurse (2)
Camp Coordinator (1)
Kitchen Coordinator (1)
Meal Planner (1)
Program Staff
Pool Manager
Outdoor Adventure Specialist
Nature Craft Specialist
Waterfront Specialist
Music Specialist
Ceramics Specialist STAFF Education Classes Are Apart Of The Daily Schedule ACTIVITIES DAILY SCHEDULE Summer Camp is a co-ed camp designed to assist obese children with overcoming their condition by motivating them to adopt a healthy life style of daily exercise and healthy eating in a fun and friendly environment A. Humans in the last 30 years since the introduction of HFCS now weigh 25 pounds more

B. There is an obesity epidemic of 6 month old children

C. One soda a day increases your wt by 15 pounds per year 150 cal x365 div 3500

D. Fructose does not suppress Grhelin-the hormone that says "I’m hungry"

E. Fructose doesn’t spike insulin. No insulin=no leptin. No leptin=brain doesn’t know you’ve eaten=you eat more. Focus This personalized nutrition counseling covers only 1 child and 1 adult in a group counseling setting. • The patient is referred by a local physician to the social worker after determining the patient is at risk of childhood obesity.

• The social worker assesses the client for willingness on the patient’s part to prevent obesity or recovery from it.

• A licensed substance abuse counselor would be in the group to explain the addictive cognitive thoughts and behaviors associated with addiction to overeating.

• The nutritionist will inform and instruct the clients of how to change eating habits with healthy high nutrition and low sugar and fat foods. Goal To provide 90 days of intense nutritional education that will: • Ideally change what is served and eaten in the home at a poverty level income to have the highest level of effectiveness.
• Include low income eating will also allow the program to cross many socio- economic and cultural boarders.
• Give instruction on cross cultural food to broaden the variety of food tastes and include many different cultural diets to inform clients how other cultures make food taste good. Like curry or cilantro.
• Raise awareness of the danger of fast food and cheap high fat/sugar “good tasting” food.
• Instruct the family on importance of eating together and at home. Conclusion By the end of 90 days, the client will: • The client would be assessed for effectiveness of the program and referred to an exercise program as way to further promote well being. •Be able to quote the 4 motto ideas of the 90 day program
a. "I will get rid of all sugar drinks except water and milk."
b. "I will eat all my carbs with fiber."
c. "I will wait 20 min till my second portion."
d. "I will have an equal amount of screen time minute for minute with exercise." Per Dr. Robert H. Lustig Public Relations -Online Forms
-Showcases and Events
-Evaluations of Effectiveness
-National Recognition -Weight Loss Tracker
-Exercise Log
-Food Diary
-BMR Supplemental Online Tools -Facebook Page
-Twitter What We Offer! Classes Our Business is Helpful and Healthy for Everyone of All Ages and Cultures How? How to Get Started! Contact Us! The Importance of Diet and Exercise Exercise Dieting Sleep and Stress Exercise Videos for the Indoor and Outdoor Individual Yoga and Pilates Strength Training Cardio and Dance Daily Fat-burning Activities Essential Food Guide with Hundreds of Delicious Recipes and Helpful Healthful Facts Recommended Diets On-The-Go Diets Quick-Fix Recipes What to Get at a Fast-food Restaurant? What to Get in a Vending Machine Long Run Benefits Short Run Benefits Our Credentials Medical Doctor Degrees Physical Education Degrees Government Certified We take great care to communicate and learn from our patients so that we can provide the best quality of service.
We continue to use the most up-to-date, reliable medicine and technology to meet your needs. Consult a Physician
Start Slowly
Make Leisure Time Active
Make Your Activity Enjoyable! Acceptance Application
Interview with Rep. and health advisor
Based on parent work schedule, SES, health
~200 accepted (depends on funds) WHO?


WHEN? Schedule Elementary Schools:
Activities Middle Schools:
Tutor Bibliography Location: 555 Chubs Lane Atlanta, GA 30303 W.T.F. Mission/Goal
Funding Public Relations CEO: Maria Gozo Brochure/Education CEO: Paolo Gilleran Summer Camp Program Program Coordinator: Bibliography After School Program Program Coordinator: Elizabeth Lim Lina Adams Diet/Exercise Planning Program Coordinator: Ariel Johnson Nutrition Counseling Program Coordinator: James Stanford Cultural Model Secretary/Treasurer: Yuna Chon Website: WeighingTheFuture.org 24/7 Hotline:
1-800-WTF-4LYF Brochure
& Education Obesity- excessive amount of body fat in relation to lean mass
Overweight- an increase in body weight in relation to height.
-BMI chart can be found on www.cdc.gov or www.weightthefuture.org Causes?
-Over eating
-Inactive lifestyle
-Identical Twin studies have proved results! LONG TERM EFFECTS!!! Increased Chance of health risks:
-Heart Disease
-Type-2 Diabetes
Increased chance of Depression
-2003 Study: obese children rated their quality of life as low as those of young children with cancer on chemotherapy
If trend continues, healthcare costs for obesity could reach $861 BILLION by 2030!!!
-10% of ALL infants/toddlers carry excess weight for their height
-According to CDC, more than 1/3 of children/adolescents are overweight or obese. this is approximately 23 MILLION children!
-According to CNN, 1 in 5 children are overweight or obese before entering kindergarten
-Obese children ages 5-17 in 2008 are 5 TIMES HIGHER than in 1973! -Healthy lifestyle habits:
-Exercising a minimum of 1 hour/day
-Healthy eating
-Parents as role models and set an example of healthy lifestyle choices that the child can learn from Preventing Obesity Prevalence What is Obesity? Decreased Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Stroke. Sleep Better to Improve Overall Health and Well-being http://www.entnet.org/HealthInformation/dietExercise.cfm

2012 Statistcal Fact Sheet: Overweight & Obesity. (2012, March 18). Retrieved from American Heart Association: http://www.heart.org/idc/groups/heart-public/@wcm/@sop/@smd/documents/downloadable/ucm_319588.pdf

(2013, February 16). Retrieved from Fast Food Nutrition: http://www.fastfoodnutrition.org/

Adolescent and School Health. (2013, January 28). Retrieved from Center for Disease Control : http://www.cdc.gov/healthyyouth/obesity/facts.htm

Park, M. (2011, June 27). How Does a Baby Get Obese? Retrieved from CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/06/27/obese.toddlers/index.html

"The Skinny on Obesity" with Dr. Lustig: http://www.uctv.tv/skinny-on-obesity Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division Weighingthefuture.org
1-800-WTF-4LYF For Free Information and Taking the Next Step to Success "Like" or "Follow" W.T.F. on: Website: www.weighingthefuture.org
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