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Significance of Walt Disney

No description

Kelly Martin

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Significance of Walt Disney

Accomplishments: Walt Disney Walt Disney Company (Studios, 1923).
First animated film with synchronized sound (Steamboat Willie, 1928).
First animated film in full-color three-strip Technicolor (Flowers and Trees, 1932).
First feature lenght animated film (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, 1937).
Multi-plane camera, invented for use on The Old Mill, 1937.
First stereophonic sound system for film (Fantasound for Fantasia, 1940). Accomplishments Continued... First theme park (Disneyland, 1955).
Winner of 26 Academy Awards.
Two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Congressional Medal of Honor.
Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Creation of EPCOT (1965)
Supporter of California Institute of the Arts.
Creation of Walt Disney World ( Opened after Walt's death, 1971). Walter Elias Disney Created new methods for cartooning How Disney Changed Society: Walt changed the animation business.
Made the first feature lenght film.
Pioneered the animation business, planned a little company which became a major success (Walt Disney Studios).
He built the most popular theme park, and died before the creation of his second. Imagine a world without Walt Disney's magic., ingenuity, and originality

His visions, came from the fond memory of yesterday, and persistence for tomorrow.

Walt connected technology to his ongoing mission of making life more enjoyable, and fun.

How Disney was Innovative: Color (technicolor)
First full length movie
Synchronizing Sound (with cartoons)
Combine live action with animation
Plot Line
Longer cartoons
Multi-plane Camera Impact on Present Day Society Walt Disney paved a path for other animators and cartoonists.
Achievement in animation and innovation.
Walt Disney Pictures.
Pixar Movies.
Inspiration to never give up on our dreams.
Created and continues to create life long memories for both children and families. 1901-1966
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