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Color and Culture

No description

Emma Nowlin

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Color and Culture

Symbolic Color What is symbolic color? Every person perceives color differently. We associate different meanings and feelings with different colors. However, these associations vary from culture to culture. For example: However, in China, blue is considered a feminine color. In the western world, the color blue is associated with masculinity. Pretty simple, right? So, what are some other associations we have with color? Western: energy danger warning to stop love anger with green: Christmas RED In China: Good Luck Vitality Happiness used in weddings and important ceremonies Worn at New Years to bring good luck and prosperity Others: India: purity fertility love beauty South Africa: Death and Mourning Cherokee success triumph Christianity sacrifice Orange Western: Cheap/inexpensive items Halloween Eastern Cultures: happiness spirituality Ireland: religious color for protestants on the Irish flag, along with green and white Netherlands: color of the royal dutch family Hinduism: Saffron, a soft orange, is considered sacred/religious. Yellow Western: happiness hope caution cowardice China: sacred imperial/royalty honor masculinity Thailand color of national flower Buddhism royal color/kings birthday Japan: courage beauty refinement aristocracy cheerfulness Egypt/Burma Color of Mourning Greece: Sadness France: Jealousy Africa: High Rank Green Western: luck rebirth nature environmental awareness "go" envy greed China: new life hope disgrace not good for packaging Indonesia: forbidden color Blue Western: trust authority conservative corporate peace and calm sadness masculine color "something blue"
bridal tradition China: immortality pornography ("blue films") femininity U.S.: Liberalism baby boys India: national sports color Belgium: baby girls Cherokee: defeat or trouble Mexico: mourning, trust, serenity European Politics: conservativism Christianity: Christ's Color Judaism: holiness Catholicism: color of Mary's robe Purple Western: royalty spirituality wealth and fame Military Honor: purple heart India: Sorrow Comforting Thailand: mourning for widows Japan: Privilege Wealth Catholicism mourning death crucifixion Black: Western: Power, control, death, rebellion India: anger and evil Japan: mystery, feminine allure White: Western: brides, hospitals, purity, peace China: death, virginity, age, misfortune Buddhism: purity Korea: birth and death Brown: Western: practical, earthy, comfortable, stable India: color of mourning Nicaragua: sign of disapproval Pink: western: creativity, love, compassion Spain: official color of Democracy Netherlands: anti-racism
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