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Animal Farm Summative Assessment

No description

Gabby Mayo

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Animal Farm Summative Assessment

What causes people to rise up and
- The causes of people rising up and
rebelling are the people do not like the government. This could be because the government is unfair. Another cause
could be that the people think the
government is taking away their
rights, therefore, they are
no longer "free". Another cause is
they think they can run
the place better.
by: George Orwell
Animal Farm
The Hunger Games
The American Revolution
The Whiskey Rebellion
Chapter 5, Page 69- "Now comrades,' he said with a tear in his eye,... Snowball, who, as we now know, no better than a criminal?"
Chapter 5, Page - "Mollie,' she said, 'I have something to say to you... What does that mean Mollie?"
Chapter 1, Page 31-
"I have little more to say. I merely repeat...
all animals are equal."
Prezi done by:
Gabby Mayo
G Block
Connection 3
Connection 2
Connection 1
Passage 3
Passage 2
Passage 1
Essential Question
The American Revolution was when the thirteen colonies in North America joined together to break from the British Empire, combining to become the United States of America. The rebelled against the British Empire because they did not like the way the British were treating them. They felt as if they had no rights and were not free.
Farmers who used their leftover grain and corn in the form of whiskey were forced to pay a new tax, brought on by Alexander Hamilton in 1791. The farmers rebelled against taxation without local representation. They started the rebellion because they felt the taxation on whiskey was unfair and unjust.
This relates to the essential question because the people started a rebellion because they thought the government was being unfair.
This relates to my essential question because the people think the British government was controlling them and they were not "free".
In the Hunger Games, Peeta and Katniss start a rebellion against their government when they show affection for each other during the games. They started this rebellion because they did not think it was right of the government to make them go into these games and risk their lives.
This relates to the essential question because the government is taking away it's citizens' rights to live by endangering them in going into a life or death game.
This passage illustrates my theme because the animals are rising up and starting a rebellion against Mr. Jones. This is because he treats them poorly and always forgets to take care of them and feed them.
This passage illustrates my theme because Napoleon rebelled because he thought he could
run the farm better than Snowball and he makes the animals believe Snowball was a criminal.
This passage illustrates my theme because Mollie rebels against animal farm because she doesn't like the way Animal Farm is being run.
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