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How do Relationships Define who we are?

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Luis Contreras

on 17 October 2018

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Transcript of How do Relationships Define who we are?

How do Relationships Define who we are?
How do Relationships define us?
Relationships define who we are because we act differently around one another
"What, of this Goldfish, would you wish"
" A Wife's Tale"
The relationships with characters can be very strong is a story

In these two stories both the characters have a special relationship with others.
"What, of this Goldfish, Would you Wish"
In this story, The character,"Sergie", has a very strong bond with his Goldfish.
Response to Main Question
This shows that Sergie has a bond with his gold fish, he protected his fish from every one else.
Explanation of Evidence:
During the story Sergie hits a kid in the head with a pan from his stove. He doesn't want to be alone.
"A Wife's Tale"
The wife's relationship with her husband.
Explain the Evidence
: The wife loves her husband dearly. She did not take part in the hunting of him in his human form.
She didn't take part in his death because she loved him even when she was angry. The wife loved him enough not to harm him.
Response to Main Question
My Relations
Although relationships come in many forms,there are kinds that bring friends together and can get mutual feeling towards each other.
My Relationships
Me and My Best friend
My dog and I
Me and My Best Friend.
Evidence: we are there for each other even on the worst of days
Explain the Evidence: When she was going through a tough time I was there for her since 8th grade and vis versa
Respond to main question
We are trustful people to talk to.
My Dogs and me
My dogs are always waiting for me
Explain the Evidence: There are always at the front door when they hear the car arrive at home.
Response to main question
My dogs know me enough to notice when I'm home. There anxious for me to walk in.
Relationships are all different.
Relationship with characters
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