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Lisa Ward

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Juliet

Juliet The Elements of Short Stories Character Characters Plot Conflict Setting Point of View Theme Thank You There are many different types of characters such as:
Dynamic Characters-Undergo change in the story, something happens to them.
Flat Characters-Stereotypical characters, often symbolic.
Protagonist- The main character.
Antagonist- The character or force who opposes the protagonist. By Helen Fogwill Porter In the story Juliet the Protagonist is Juliet.
She is a Dynamic character because she changes from being bothered about the letter to being okay with it. In the story Juliet says "Back when I found the letter the meanness didn't bother me as much as my belief that those girls were right to despise me. I was dirty, sloppy, streelish,untidy, unhandy. Even lousy. I couldn't pretend that I'd never found a louse or nit in my thick, tangly hair. That's the real reason I never told anyone." She changes perspectives throughout her life.
In Juliet there are also flat characters such as the group of girls in the bathroom that make fun of Juliet. They are stereotypically the mean bully type girls that are rich and snotty. The mean girls would be the antagonist. In the short story Juliet the Plot would look like this. Juliet in the Hair salon talking about her hair . A Plot is a series of events having a beginning, middle and end in the story. A plot chart would look like this: Conflict is the struggle between two forces in a story. Setting is location, time period, characteristics of location, and specific detail about buildings,rooms,etc. Point of View is the angle from which the story is told. Theme is the central idea or central message.
It is stated directly or implied by the events and action in the story. She starts to remember about the letter. She reads the letter and goes to the bathroom to read again. Juliet and Nadine walk out of the bathroom and Thelma makes fun of Juliet. Lisa Ward Juliet walking home thinking about were to hid and cry. She does not tell any body about the letter. She grows up and starts talking to the girls from the bathroom. She goes back to her life and starts to think that the girls are nice. There are two types of conflict in the story: Human vs Human and Human vs Self. The Human vs Human conflict is between Juliet vs the girls who wrote the letter. Juliet is being bullied and doesn't know what to do. The other conflict which is Human vs Self is between Juliet vs herself. Juliet is struggling about her self esteem about her appearance. Such as when she said "I was dirty, sloppy, streelish, untidy, unhandy." The first setting in the story would be in the hair salon were Juliet is talking to Sandra her hair dresser. The second setting is the way back from school that Juliet took such as "Sometimes I wouldn't know where I was until I got to the Parkers'. I'd always stop there, just to look at the long graceful cream-and-white house with windows that someone later told me were made of antique mouth-blown glass. In the fall there were piles of leaves outside the Parkers' gate. from the maple and chestnut trees that grew just inside the wrought-iron fence." The third setting is the school and the bathroom in which Juliet hid herself in. Then the last setting is in her house. The stories point of view is First Person. First person is on the view of just one character from a story. For example in the book it says "I've never been able to do anything with hair, my own or anyone else's." This of course is Juliet speaking. I think the theme in Juliet is don't bully people because people get hurt easily and they judge themselves they way people judge if they have a low self esteem. Also its important to forget and forgive some things in life.
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