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OASES Info Session

No description

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of OASES Info Session

Edwina Yuan, Emily Lai, Samuel Lin, Tiffany Lui
Our Vision
Program Overview
Our Mission
Oases' mission is to empower students with limited resources through education, mentorship, and service to strengthen the Oakland Community
Oases' vision is that all students in the public education system reach their fullest potential and are supported to achieve success in schools, careers, and civic life.
A Typical Day at Leap/Quest
3:00 Meet at the RSF
3:15 Leave for School Site
3:45 Arrive on Site
4:00-4:30 Recess
4:30-4:45 Activity
4:45-5:50 Homework Help
5:50-6:00 Debrief
6:00-6:15 Announcements
6:15 Head back to Berkeley!
OASES History
OASES began in 1983 as a service club at UC Berkeley! In 1991, the club evolved into a non-profit organization that now serves over 400 students. Today, OASES recruits approximately 150 tutors from UC Berkeley every semester. OASES has the largest volunteer base in Oakland. Recently, OASES has merged with East Bay Asian Youth Center, an organization with similar goals and interests.
Monday to Friday
Up to 35 volunteers per day
Tutor in a classroom with 20-25 students
Located in Oakland Chinatown
*Classrooms at most two different grade levels*
College & Career Workshops on Fridays
Events with OASES Students
Monday to Friday
Up to 15 volunteers per day
Tutor in a classroom of 15-20 students
Located in Downtown Oakland
*Classrooms at most two different grade levels*
Elementary Event
Family Literacy Night
OASES Will Provide You:
Program-specific trainings on working with youth
Ongoing support from fellow mentors and staff
Options to receive a unit/ field study hours for class
A community networking space for volunteers to gain experience
Covered Livescan services (Normally $80)
Mileage reimbursements for volunteer drivers
1. About the Organization
2. Program Overview
3. OASES Events
4. Volunteer Expectations
5. Application Process
6. Joining OASES
7. Final Words
8. Units
9. Signing up to Volunteer
Family Literacy Night
Elementary Event
Discovery Expo
Volunteer Social
Why Join OASES
I enjoy working with youth
I care about giving back to the community
I am patient, positive and reliable and can be firm
I am open-minded
I am goal oriented
I have the time to commit to OASES and the kids I tutor.
I want to explore the field of education or youth development
I am open and ready to engage in my own learning.
Expectations of Volunteers
Attend Tutorial one day a week for a minimum of 4 hours (including transportation time)
10 week commitment (including orientation)
Arrive on time for tutorial each week.
Cooperate with staff, coordinators, and fellow tutors
Tutor and interact with youth
Assist in
standard student behavior
Be a positive role model for the youth
Provide age appropriate learning experience
Keep tutorial site safe and clean
Reconsider Joining If. . .
I am doing this solely for my resume.
Application Process
Attend info session
Carefully consider your time commitments.
Sign up for an interview tonight
Attend Interview at FSM patio
Sign up for an interview tonight
Joining OASES next Steps
•Tuberculosis (TB) Screening OR Chest X-Ray

be completed by your first day of
tutorial, the week of Feb. 16 - Feb. 20
• OASES will NOT cover TB testing or x-ray Costs
• Drop-in at Tang Center (~$20 w/o SHIP), Berkeley Free Health Clinic
(suggested donation ~$10-15), or own
health care provider.
Attend Mandatory Orientation/Training
Tuesday, 2/10 from 7-9 pm or Saturday 2/14 from 10-12pm
Multicultural Community Center (Hearst Field Annex D-37)
Background check, Livescan fingerprinting will be performed (bring driver license or passport)
Coord-x will send out information about orientation
Attend tutorial the week of Feb 16th
Final Words:
Check out facebook.com/OasesAtUcBerkeley to stay up to date with all the information on our volunteer program!
If you have friends who are interested but were not able to attend tonight, have them contact the Lead Coordinators at
Don’t forget to
sign up for an interview
on your way out!
If you are interested in doing
OASES for units
, please stay in your seats while others leave quietly to sign up for interviews.
Thank you for coming!
Course Credit (Units)
NOT MANDATORY - only take OASES for units if you want/need units (most people do not)
Units for
Asian American Studies
Pass/No Pass
1 unit
Attend OASES activities (i.e. volunteer social, Elementary Event)
Do I sign up for the Education Department or the Asian American Studies Department?
Minor in Education?
Education Department
Asian American Studies Department
Attend Education Seminar
No Seminar Required!
Do I enroll in 97 or 197?
Check Class Standing on Bearfacts
Freshman/ Sophmore
Course Control Numbers
Course Credit
One Unit:
*45 Hours
*1 day per week + RRR Week + 1 extra tutorial day
*2 OASES Activity
*2 page reflection paper for Ed; 5 page reflection paper for AAS
Those taking Ed 97/197 are required to attend weekly one hour seminar on Mondays from 7-8pm
•The last day to add classes (Without $5 fee) is
Friday, February 6th
and drop classes (Without $10) is
Friday, January 30th

•OASES will not reimburse you for the drop fee if you are not accepted into the program.
Thank you for Coming!
Your Spring 2015 Coords

I am so active in other clubs I don't have time to commit 4 hours a week for ten weeks
I have a super heavy course load
I only want to play with the kids
I have a temper and am impatient
I don't like working with youth

Sign up for an interview ON THE DAY YOU WANT TO VOLUNTEER
Interview Length:
20 minutes. Please be prompt (NOT Berkeley time)
Dress Code:
Campus Casual. Bring your smile!
Bring your class schedule
Free Speech Movement Cafe
(FSM) Patio
entrance next to Moffitt Library)
All applicants will be notified of their status on
Saturday, February 7th
Interview Dates:
Mon 2/2 - Fri 2/6
a project of ebayc
Roosevelt Middle School

Thursday and Friday
Provide mentorship to a group of 2-5 mentees
Student population is multi ethnic

3:00 Meet at the RSF
3:10 Leave for school site
4:00-4:45 Arrive on site
4:45-5:45 Enrichment/Mentoring
5:50-6:00 Debrief/Announcements
6:00 Head back to Berkeley

Roosevelt Middle School
Program Overview
A typical day at Roosevelt
Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Elementary Schools/Tutorial (M-F 3-7pm)

Lincoln Elementary
2nd-5th grade
2. Quest
Cleaveland Elementary
K-5th grade
All CCN's will also be Available at Interviews
AAS 97 - 05419
AAS 197 - 05611
Ed 97 - 23587
Ed 197 - 23854
Mandatory Orientation for ED Unit takers on
Monday February 9th from 7-8pm in 2070 VLSB
Events for Volunteers
Volunteer Social
Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
Contact Lead Coords for units questions

Volunteer Social
Meet the Coords!
Alex Kang
Allison Chu

Brittany Tsai
Diane Kang
Emily Liu
Herman Chang
Yu Liu
Irene Li
Naomi Bharath
Kenneth Zhou
Danny Yang
Howard Kim
Lena Wu
Roya Massoudi
Yiksai Wong
Yiksai Wong
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