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# 5. Cover Letters


Sandra Martin

on 30 April 2012

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Transcript of # 5. Cover Letters

Cover Letters

1. They should arouse interest
- Strong opening
- Body should carry through
- Think of a cover letter as a sales letter

2. They should reiterate accomplishments
listed in your resume that MATCH the job

3. They should be no longer than one page

4. They should appeal to the prospective
employer's self interest.
Include something about your ability to -
- Increase sales
- Gain better production
- Etcetera
- Transmit inforamtion about you that can
impact the employer's bottom line

5. Should be individually word-procesed and
NO copies
6. Be addressed to an individual if possible.
Call and get the name if you don't know it.

7. Reference something that you have learned about the prospective
employer's company -
Shows that you have done your homework
Truly interested in the position

8. NEVER be negative
Don't say anything bad about ANY company o r employee

9. If you hae discovered something interesting about the firm while doing
research, mention it in the letter.

10. DO NOT include salary requirements
1. Are the addresse's name, title &
organization correct?
2. Have you put the date on the letter?
3. If you are not sure of the addressee's sex
have you used "Dear Sir or Madam" as
your salutation?
4. If you are responding to an advertisement,
have you indicated the date and
publication in which it appeared,
as well as the title of the position?
Do you have an opening, middle and
closing section?
If you are responding to an ad, have
you provided substantiation of having
all qualifications (or as many as you
have) sought by the employer?
If you satisfy all qualifications sought
by the employer, have you set off those items
with bullets or other symbols?
Is the letter centered on the page?
Is the grammar correct?
Are all words spelled correctly?
Is your telephone number on
the letter?
Have you signed the letter?
Does the letter match the reume' paper
or cosely resemble it if you are using
personalized stationary>
And - now a bit about Time Management
Why do I need a Cover Letter?
The cover letter is an
essential part of any job
application or enquiry.

A well written letter will
ensure a favorable
reception for your CV or resume.

A carelessly written letter will
irritate a busy reader, and
cause the resume to be ignored.

It is not difficult to write a
great cover letter.
Two Kinds of Cover Letters
The Response Letter:
When responding to an
advertised vacancy, you will
normally either submit a CV
or resume, or coplete a
specific application form.

Your submission should be
accompanied by a cover
letter which should be brief
and concise - normally no
more than one side.
The Enquiry Letter
No vacancy has been announced
You are innitiating contact with an
emloyer to inform them of your skills
and availability, and to suggest to them
that they consider you for any vacancies
that arise.
This is sometimes called a cold call enquiry
Your letter should be concise and brief -
normally no more than one side- and should
be accompanied by your CV.
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