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Life is like a ...

The basketball theory and self therapy

Neil Von Heupt

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Life is like a ...

Life is like a ...
person standing waist deep in a pool. someone throws you a basketball The basketball represents the emotional content of our life experiences and relationships. It can be full of happiness, sadness, anger, loneliness, expectation or joy! We can feel the emotional content at the time (if it's safe and/or appropriate to) or we can hang onto the basketball and push it down under the water.
If we're really clever, we can keep quite a few basketballs down there. Keeping baskballs pushed down is time consuming, it robs us of energy and keeps us from doing what we were in the pool for in the first place - swimming around and enjoying ourselves Sometimes we can hold basketballs under the water for so long that we forget that they're even there. The trouble is, like basketballs attract (like magnets) - someone throws you a new one and the old one wants to come to the surface. You feel a big rush of the emotion, much more than what the situation deserves. Self Therapy by Muriel Schiffman
1. Spot the over-reaction
2. Identify the feeling behind the feeling
3. Have you felt this feeling before? Where?
4. Look for either patterns or events
5. Feel the feeling where it belongs
6. Throw the ball out, and the behaviours
that you used to cope with it. Can you think of any strong feelings that you've had recently? Basketball Theory
and Self Therapy
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