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The Legalization of Marijuana

Whether the legalization of marijuana is more benefiical than detrimental to today's society is still being debated. This Prezi oultines why marijuana legalization is beneficial to the United States, complete with a thesis statement and conclusion.

Kevin Campbell

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of The Legalization of Marijuana

The Legalization of Marijuana
Is the legalization of marijuana more beneficial
than detrimental to today's society?
Thesis statement
The benefits alone far
outweigh the negative
connotations associated
with the controversial hemp
The legalization of marijuana

the economy of the

United States.
The legalization of marijuana

the impact humans

have on the

The legalization of marijuana

that proves to be far more effective

in treatment than

most commercial drugs.

Created and presented by Kevin Campbell

There are various alternative uses of hemp
According to Carmen Yarrusso, "hemp can be made of paper paneling, plastics, clothing, and thousands of other useful products" (1).
Hemp plants are the number-one biomass producer in the world, ten tons per acre in four months. It could greatly reduce America's independence on fossil fuels, which could significantly mitigate the climate change (Yarrusso, 2013).
Taxation revenue
Because of the recent legalization of marijuana use
in Colorado and Washington state last year, economists project that the states will experience an economic boom of more than $550 million combined (Bradford, 2012)
Job creation
According to Harry Bradford, "when hydroponic marijuana growing supply chain weGrow opens a new store, it creates an estimated 75 jobs indrectly" (14).
Savings in terms of governmental spending on prison inmates and prohibition costs
More than 300 economists have estimated that the legalization of marijuana can save the United States up to $13.7 billion a year on prohibition enforcement, cost, and tax revenue... (Bradford, 2012)
Compared to alcohol and tobacco, the effect of a consumer's health is minimal.
Alcohol use is associated with a wide variety of cancers including: cancer of the esophagus, stomach, colon, lungs, pancreas, liver, and prostate (SAFERchoice.com, 2013).
The official publication of the Scientific Research Society, American Scientist, reported that alcohol is one of the most toxic drugs and using just 10 times what one would use to get the desired effect could lead to death....
BUT marijuana is on-if not the- least toxic drug, requiring thousands of times the dose one would use to get the desired effect leading to death (SAFERchoice, 2013).
Work Cited
1. Yarrusso, Carmen. “Top Ten Reasons To Legalize Marijuana Now.” Truthout. Op-Ed, 09
June 2013. Web. 24 October 2013.

2. Bradford, Harry. “14 Ways Marijuana Legalization Could Boost The Economy.” The
Huffington Post. AOL Business and Finance, 07 November 2012. Web. 24 October 2013.

1. “Marijuana vs. Alcohol”. SAFERchoice.org. U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 2013.
Web. 24 October 2013

Legalizing marijuana would be advantageous to the United States and the human race as a whole. Stimulation of the economy, medical breakthroughs, and environmental impact affect us all. The numbers and research speaks for themselves and the data is irrefutable. If it were up to me, marijuana would have been legalized a long time ago but it's not up to be, it's up to US! Medical marijuana is on the ballot this November. If the bill is passed, patients with debilitating diseases like cancer, AIDS, and Parkinson's disease will have access to the drug and be able to use it legally.
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