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Brooklyn in 10 Minutes: The Dutch to Jay-Z

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Brendan Murphy

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Brooklyn in 10 Minutes: The Dutch to Jay-Z

Brooklyn in 10 Minutes:
The Dutch to Jay-Z

Why Can't Everyone Just Get Along?
Brooklyn's Role in America's Wars
The World at War (Twice)
Brooklyn Navy Yard - 1801
WWI - Arizona / WWII - Missouri
The Place To Be
Wait... what about the Native Americans?
Lenape (or Delaware) people
Driven from their land by expanding colonial settlements, war, and disease.
Everyone Wants a Piece
And then New York Eats Brooklyn
The Revolutionary War
1776 - The Battle of Brooklyn or Battle of Long Island

George Washington's Retreat to Manhattan

Old Stone House - Park Slope

The Civil War
1862 - The USS Monitor leaves Ericsson's Navy Yard in Greenpoint.

The Monitor (North) vs. The Merrimack (South)
Irish and Germans - 1840s

Jews and Italians - 1880s

Southern Blacks - 1910s
Getting from A to B
Brooklyn Bridge - 1883

Wiliamsburg Bridge - 1903

Interborough Rapid Transit - 1908

Manhattan Bridge - 1909

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge - 1957
(We didn't forget about you,
Staten Island!)
Prospect Park
Designed in 1866 by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux

Olmsted and Vaux also designed Central Park in Manhattan. Guess which one they liked better?
Green-wood Cemetary
Incorporated in 1838 in rural Brooklyn

In the mid-1800s it was so popular that they had to hire police to separate the mourners from the tourists

No major city had such an expansive urban 'park'
Consolidation - 1898
Brooklyn Public Library
Created in 1897 and now the 5th largest library system in the country!
Walt Whitman - Poet
Mae West - Actress
Al Capone - Gangster
Lena Horne - Actress
Jackie Robinson - Athlete
Ruth Bader Ginsberg - Supreme Court Justice
Woody Allen - Filmmaker
Michael Jordan - Athlete
Jay-Z - Musician

You! Yes, you!

The Who
Coney Island
1829 - Coney Island Hotel was a resort destination for the very wealthy

1880s - 1940s it was the biggest amusement center in America: Luna Park, Dreamland, Steeplechase Park

1927 - The Cyclone opens, America's oldest working wooden rollercoaster
Immigration/Migration to Brooklyn
A Short List of Famous Brooklynites
Robert Moses mad, Robert Moses smash!
Master builder of mid-20th Century NYC
Displaced hundreds of thousands of residents to build infrastructure
Created many important bridges, beaches, and buildings
A Cosmopolitan City Emerges
This one
Grand Army Plaza
Brooklyn didn't want to lose autonomy

Sinful Manhattan and its immigrants

New York
How do you fit in?
The Colonial Period:
1524 - Giovanni da Verrazzano is first European to explore New York Bay. (France)

1624 - New Amsterdam (Dutch)

The Original Six Towns

1645 - Gravesend (English)
1646 - Breuckelen (Brooklyn)
1647 - New Amersfoort (Flatlands)
1652 - Midwout (Flatbush)
1657 - New Utrecht
1661 - Boswijck (Bushwick)
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