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Theology of the Body for Teens

No description

Shannon Haddad

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of Theology of the Body for Teens

Theology of the Body:
Discovering God's plan for love and life
Ch. 1: Created for

SLY: Part 1
SLY: Part 2
Theology of the Body
What is the "Theology of the Body"?
The study of God and our purpose in life as revealed through our bodies!
What's the Big Deal?
The Heart and Mind of St. JPII
Oh how the times have changed...
Why didn't we notice?
The media's impact
Is it even real?
Modesty & Bikinis
Social Media & Loneliness
"Isn't everyone doing it?"
"Why do people choose to be sexually intimate?"
"Can something that feels right be wrong?"
Pod discussion:
2. Was there something new you learned? Found
really interesting? Disagreed with?
3. Come up with a question to ask the class. It could be
a question that you had while reading or something
that you wanted another opinion on...etc.
Ch. 2: Love vs. Use
Hook Up Culture
Love vs. Lust
Involves sacrifice
Other focused
Will not sacrifice
Different Aspects of Love
Learning to Love Rightly
How would pregnancy affect my life?
Why is premarital sex a danger to my physical health?
What are the emotional and spiritual dangers of uncommitted sex?
Class Discussion...
What stood out to you most in this chapter?
Come up with a question to ask the class.
Anything you agreed with? Disagreed with?
A Wedding or Marriage?
The Sacrament of Marriage
Ch. 6: The Language of the Body
What is the language of the body?
Just like with our words, we are capable of speaking “
” and “
” with our bodies

Language of Love
The Problem with Fornication
The Problem with Contraception
= any deliberate attempt to prevent conception
: "We are being responsible. We are not ready for a child yet. Why is this wrong?"
The Problem with Pornography
= sexually explicit depiction of persons (including images and words!)
"The problem with pornography is not that it shows too much of the person, but that it shows far
too little.
SLY: Part 3
"How far is too far?"
"Isn't sexual intimacy okay with the person I'm planning on marrying?"
"What should I know about homosexuality?"
Class Discussion:
What stood out to you most in this chapter?
Anything you agreed with? Disagreed with?
Ch. 11: Dating with Purpose
Dating with a Purpose
High Risk Dating
Low Risk Dating
"Diving" in too quickly
"Hey I just met you...marry me?"
"Uh, wanna play shuffleboard?"
"Yay for purity goggles!"
Chastity in Dating
Setting good boundaries
1. Be aware of your surroundings
2. What is the language of your body saying?
3. Don't start a car you aren't going to drive
ex. In other words, arousal = body preparing for sex
4. The more you practice purity, the easier it becomes (surround yourself with good friends!)
Be honest with your boyfriend! He
be desiring your purity and his!
How can you make sure to attract Mr. Right?
When might it be time to say
SLY: Part 4
"What is Chastity?"
"How Can I Be Chaste?"
"What Can I Look Forward To?"
Class Discussion:
What stood out most to you in this chapter?
Was there anything you agreed with/disagreed with? Why?
Come up with 1 question to ask the class.
Romance without Regret
Pod Discussion:
1. What were your initial thoughts to Jason and Crystalina's talk? After watching the video?
2. What were some things you agreed with? Disagreed with?
3. What (if anything) made you think differently about life and love?
What does it mean to be a
human person
1. In relation to God ("image and likeness")
2. In relation to ourselves (my purpose)
3. In relation to others (relationships)
In the midst of deep sufferings, he sought to discover the
of humanity
T.O.B. tells the story of
who we are
what our purpose is
It is
message of Truth and love of who we are and how we ought to live
Not the only message...
How does our
answer (1) who we are and (2) what our purpose is?

Keep trying until you're _____enough.
Stop trying. You
The reality is TOB speaks of a far

than the world could ever offer

We are made for LOVE!
Sexual Revolution 1960s:
Cultural desensitization
: gradually desensitized to sexually explicit material
"Crawfish in the pot"
We are
immune to the messages of our culture
It changes the way we view
and the way we view our
(both women
How does this affect
Pod Discussion:
1. What are some things women struggle with about their bodies?

2. Why do you think some women struggle with these specific issues?

3. What are some things we can do to create a change in our society?

What are you looking for?
Love is...
Love is...
What do we mean by "
Ultimately we are made for union with God and marriage is a
of this union!
Therefore love is meant to reveal God because we are made His image and likeness ("
Communion of Persons
") through self-gift and communion (not made to be alone even as a
How does social media affect our relationships?
Social media
if misused
can distort our understanding of ourselves and authentic relationships
Why is love so complicated?
Original sin
has caused us to forget our purpose
Adam and Eve before sin
: "naked and felt no shame" Gen 2:25
Adam and Eve after sin
: "naked so I hid myself" Gen 3:10
inverts love as "self gift" and made it all about "self gain" (Ex. the way society views sex)
? -Wanted "freedom" of sexual expression
? -sexually explicit material, the pill, rise in contraception, legalization of abortion, increase in disease, exploitation of women (to name a few)
A Spiritual Battle
Our bodies are designed with a
= to reveal God!
This is called the "
Sacramentality of the Body
Modesty is not "hiding what is bad" but "veiling what is sacred"!
Draws attention to the whole person and not just your body by expressing true femininity
A guy's perspective
Ex. "Innovation of Loneliness"-what's the message?
1. What do you think is the main message of each section?
Body Image
What is our culture's perspective of marriage?
Sometimes we are more focused on wanting a "
" than a "
" because we are confused on what love really is
"Love is not merely a feeling. It is an act of the will." -JPII
1. Why do you think some brides focus so much on details of their wedding?
2. Where do you think the pressure to have the "best wedding" comes from?
3. What do you think a wedding should be about?
Marriage is a
(sign of God's grace)
It is sacred because of the sacred love it reveals!
1. How are husbands and wives called to imitate Christ's love?
(Ex. Ephesians 5: 21- 33)
2. What do you think of this calling?
3. How does this compare to society's perspective?
The opposite of love is not hatred. It is
In our
society, relationships are often based on seeking pleasure for one's own gain (
POD DISCUSSION: Story Starter (21)
1. What are some signs that someone may be a "user"? Trustworthy?
2. Why do you think Jenny went back?
3. Why do you think some people allow themselves to be used?
4. How have guys/girls in our culture learned to use each other differently?
ACTIVTY: Love vs. Lust
"Worth dying for"
3 aspects of love:
Each recognize goodness in the other, which JPII calls the
personalistic norm
1. Think of a different movie that represents each aspect of love (attraction, desire, goodwill).
2. Which do you think is most often portrayed in our culture? Why?
Love wills the good of the other
We learn to love each other rightly through
Is this what you picture?
Chastity directs our desire for love towards the good of another and is more than mere
"Saying no for a greater yes."
Chapel Reflection:
"Bringing it all to God"
Can you tell the difference?
Our bodies are capable of speaking its own language
without using words

Awkward Moments!
Are they lying?
: Are there other ways of lying without even speaking?

JPII says that the most authentic language of the body is the
language of love
(created to "speak" love)

ACTIVITY: 5 Love languages test

Language of love expressed in marriage:

Free, Total,
Faithful, Fruitful
Sex is meant to be a
of the vows verbally professed

= sex outside of marriage (including oral sex!)

: "If we love each other, why is it wrong?"
: How does sex outside of marriage violate the vows meant for marriage? How is it "
There's hope!
Cosmopolitan Article
1. What are your thoughts/comments/reactions to this article?

2. Why do you think this type of commitment is “out of the norm”?

3. How do you think guys your age would respond to this?

: How does this violate the vows of marriage? What is the alternative?
Natural Family Planning
Answer as you listen:
1. What is Natural Family Planning?

2. Why does the Church view contraception as immoral?
3.How is NFP different from just a “Catholic contraceptive”?

: "It's just fantasy. What harm is it causing anyone?"
: Why is porn more than fantasy? Who does it hurt?
Ex. Medial Pre-Optic Nucleus
Practical Steps Towards Purity
5 Tips:
-Root yourself in the source of real love
- Grace to live a life of purity (E.R.!)
- Be aware of your surroundings
- Make like-minded friends
- Don't be afraid to set the bar high!
Come up with a question to ask the class.
Pod discussion:
1. Can you think of a time when you were deceived by another person's language of the body?

2. What did you feel like after you realized you had been deceived?
3. Describe a time when someone told you the truth with the language of his or her body. How did this make you feel?
4. Why do you think some people believe that lies with the body are different than verbal lies?
Story of Jennifer Lawrence
: How old were you when you had your first crush?

Society -
Reality -
Dating has become something seen more as
than purposeful.
Purpose of dating is to discern who you are called to marry =
intentional & purposeful
(What is our culture's "relationship pyramid"?)
: What are some risks in seeing dating as merely recreational?

High Risk" Dating
= Moving too quickly both physically and emotionally

(Can you think of examples of "high risk" dating?)
The problem is, these relationships often don't last because there is no foundation and we risk experiencing hurt and heart break.
: What do you think “courtship” is?

= A period of getting to know a person before jumping into a romantic relationship (a.k.a. Intentional friendship!)

It involves spending time with each other's friends and family in order to really get to know th person.
(Can you think of examples of "low risk" dating?)
In order to practice chastity in dating, it is important to set good boundaries.
It is also very important to remember that guys and girls are wired
so it is good to be honest and clear at the beginning.
Is cuddling okay?
The Friend Zone
Is it okay if I am
dating right now? What if I’ve never had a boyfriend?

! Those who wait to date until later in H.S. or college have a better chance to get to know who you are and to discern your vocation.
Pointless dating
(Can you think of other benefits to this?)
Is he a keeper?
"Dump Him" List
A Third Way: LOVE
1. We ALL desire intimacy (not only through sex)
2. Having same sex attraction is NOT a sin
3. We are all called to live chastely & purely
Recapping Main Points:
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