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Elements & Principles of Design Test

No description

Malik Carpenter

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Elements & Principles of Design Test

Elements & Principles of Design Test
Modern Sofa
Elements: Very bright in colors, a mix of primary and secondary colors, strange design shape but looks very comfortable.

Principles: material looks it will be very easy to dirty/rip. balance seems uneven, Mixer of colors are in a rhythm, very simple looking but looks nice,.
Armani Sunglasses
Elements: The color is black, very big and simple

Principles: looks as if its very durable. The hanging frames in the middle is for comfort for the nose. very curve made. The black logo with the all black glasses is a very good combination. Balance is equal with both sides. decent looking material from a photo stand point.
Modern Wheelchair
Elements: Use of the color green and black, Decent looking.

Principles: For a modern wheelchair it looks very durable, looks simple but looks at if it is very good in performance, contrast of dark colors are being used.
Women’s Jewelry
Elements: The colors are white and yellow but not so very bright like a neutral light in them, looks as if there made of stone.

Principles: Combination of light and dark pieces, its with a same pattern and shape on both sides, a lot use of repetition
2013 Ford mustang
Elements: Its the primary color red, Great power and poise, great car to look at and drive.

Principles: Front end of the car makes it look tough, as well as the broad shoulders on the back end
Balance. Symmetrical on each side. The black colored areas really bring out the red. Doesn't have noticeable rhythm. there is perfect balance with the car. The great look, power, and muscle of this car unites it fully. The simplicity but boldness makes this car look very good(Mustang Fan)(Don't Hate)
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