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John Adams

No description

Brady Faulkner

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of John Adams

Brayden Faulkner John Adams Biography The presidential Years After the Presidency - There was a revolution in
Franc.Many french people
fought againts their goverment.
Thomas wanted u.s. to help the french -
people with their war.But John wanted-
to make peace with French goverment
John Adams picked John Marshell as the
new chief Justice for the supreme court .
There also was another election this time Thomas Jefferson won the most votes . John Adams was no longer president. He lost the election. Sources they went home to braintree. book. John Adams
Anne Welsbacher
Edina,Minne Sota
place of publisher-
copyright year-
Date born: October 30,1735
place born: Brain tree massachachusetts

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