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Future Technology


YeJin Kim

on 21 March 2010

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Transcript of Future Technology

Future Technology Future House mobile controller mobile phone would control systems
in home such as heating and air conditioning network control penel Tools in the house have different internet addresses to be simply controlled by the inetwork strucutred wires to manage the network Wires mobile controlers are going to be wireless 2 wires' R&D laboratory on constructing of wire connecting to house lighting connected to security system remote controller which controls the
technology in the house by the
information stored in 3 computers Network control penal, CES,
manage the things going in
anywhere of the house easily FUture Transportation Automated dual mode bus which
would be operated on the public streets
with high-speed and private right-of-way The taxi, which has main focus on safetly,
reliability, and ease of use and contains mapping
system, as well as personel information of the
passengers and drivers, would be practical in 2020. FUture Robots Future robots would be required to
have magnificent physical execution,
sensory perception, prior knowledge
of their environment and expert skills and knowledge Robots are expected to give
help to human in the future, such as lead
the blind, aid the elderly and clean
the house for human Robots of the future would become closer and closer to the decision-making ability of human and would be able to do things more independently, without the human’s control The future robots would be invented
by the advancement of nanotechnology.
Scientists would be able to create robots
using the building blocks of life: DNA Robots would also play a large roll in law
enforcement and security fields, by solving
the dangerous tasks and researches that
are hazardous for human to carry out In the future, robots would be able
to carry out the manufacturing jobs,
such as manufacturing mechanical devices
or better health products for costumers,
which means it would bring economic
advancement of the country Public Transportation Changing Shapes following to requirements and situations Environmentally Friendly renewable energy source no gas emissions solar power wind power hydroelectric energy smaller when parking, bigger when people go on Safer resistent to natural disaster provide food and medical care can go through big crowd
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