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Writing Process & APA Format

NU212 class

Vanessa Marie

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Writing Process & APA Format

0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Recommendations before we begin:
Take notes! (Paper & Writing utensil)
Set aside distractions
Listen carefully
Enjoy learning/re-learning! :D The Writing Process
The Basics of APA Format What is the writing process? Why? Express our feelings
Jot our thoughts/ideas
Let our voices be heard
Prove a point
Persuade/Interest others What? 1. Planning /Pre-writing
2. Drafting
3. Revising
4. Proofreading/Editing
5. Publish/Share Plan & Pre-write Give you a chance to think
Define your purpose (thesis)
Narrow and sink ideas in
Conduct research
Gather info Drafting Free-write all your ideas
Remember "peanut-butter & jelly draft" (top=intro,mid=ideas/support,bottom=conclusion)
Don't forget to note/cite sources! Plagiarism is not tolerated Revising Critically evaluate word choice, paragraph structure, style
Ask yourself: Does it fit the assignment requirements?
Will my audience understand?
Did I use evidenced-based support?
Is my writing organized? Proofread/Edit Involves correcting technical mistakes
Spell & Grammar check
Peer editing (different eyes) PUBLISH/SHARE... The Basics of APA Format Why use APA? Allows others to access your sources
Helps you stay organized
Establishes credibility
Prevents plagiarism How to set up your paper: Use 8x11 paper
One-inch margins
all around
Double-space the text
12 pt font
Times New Roman Step 1: Step 2: Title Page ex. Cover page ex. Step 3: 2nd page ex. Step 4: In-citing your sources Step 5: Work cited page QUIZ TIME
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