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No description

Alex Hart

on 8 March 2013

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700 BCE 3300 BCE otzi the iceman
bears 59 tattoos. 3300 BCE
2160 BCE Egypt started to get into tattooing. 2160 BCE 1000 BCE Tattoo Art starts to spread. 1000 BCE 700 BCE The ancient greeks started to tattoo on slaves. 600 BCE 600 BCE was when islam and Christianity had an effect. 400 BCE 400 BCE Tattoos mark
pazyrk's near russo- Chinese border. 300 BCE Japen started to use Tattoos as a negative meaning. 54 BCE Caesar started to give an insight on tattoos in Europe. 306 Christian emperor constantine
band tattoos. 500 Tattoos become very religious. 1022 King hariod 11 gets Tattooed 1122 The chinese general got tattooed
by her own mum 1600 Tattoos as a art started in Japen,
so they weren't a
negative thing after that.
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