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Hélène Boullé

No description

Cierra St.Amour

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Hélène Boullé

Hélène Boullé
The Early Years
Hélène Boullé was born in 1598 in Paris.
She was the daughter of Nicolas Boullé and Marguerite Alix.
In 1610 she was married to Samuel Champlain. (She was 12 years old. Champlain was 31 years older than her.)
Background on Samuel Champlain
Samuel Champlain founded the Canadian city of Quebec in 1608. He dedicated his life to establishing the city. He died a peaceful death in 1635.
Samuel Champlain and Hélène Boullé's relationship
Hélène Boullé was a devoted and loyal wife. Champlain was often absent due to his work. At the age of 22, Hélène Boullé followed Samuel to New France. Hélène Boullé grew fond of the natives in Quebec. Hélène Boullé eventually moved back to Paris after 4 years. She never returned to Canada. There are no recorded children between Boullé and Champlain. The Isle St. Hélène was named by Champlain in honor of his wife. It is a reminder of their marriage.
Helene Boulle's Achievements
At age 14, Helene Boulle became Catholic. This would play a big role in her life as she grew older.
Helene bonded with the Native American children. They began to worship her kindness and beauty.
Helene Boulle was a very influential figure in New France.
Seen as a goddess to the Indians.
After returning to Paris, she became a nun. (after Samuel Champlain died)
Fun fact: there is a school named after
Hélène Boullé
in Quebec



The married couple could not live together for two years because Hélène Boullé was too young.
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