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Adolescent Romantic Relationships and Academics

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on 13 October 2018

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Transcript of Adolescent Romantic Relationships and Academics

Discussion Questions Adolescent Romantic Relationships and Academics By: Vince Jules Marquez, Glory Nasseri, Kenneth Kobos, and Chelsy Ubaldo Does being involved in an adolescent romantic relationship negatively affect academic achievement and other academic measures? Question: Discipline Psychology focuses mainly on the individual

Both school and romance (peers) as social institutions have some result on the attitudes and behaviours of an individual

Education system helps form personal beliefs and values

The concept of love and being in love is deeply psychological because it only exists within the mind

Love is an emotion/ feeling Psychology Secondary Research: Articles Primary Research: Surveys and Interviews Surveys Immature responses in survey

Incomplete answers for survey

Different answers from members in the same couple for interviews

Video file lost Challenges In order to get out of that hole of depression caused by break up, the brain gets sick of reminiscing on past memories and when it's ready, it goes through this whole process of love over again, with another individual. All and all, love is embedded into the human mind. Love is not a choice but in our fate. The effects of love on the brain are far more captivating than the effects it has on the heart. In my opinion the symbol for love should change from a heart to a brain! :D Sociology studies people and their environment

Sociology studies different parts of human society

Romantic love and dating is a part of society because it includes human relationships

Behaviour of adolescents involved in romantic relationships have an impact on society marriage, family

School is a social institution and an agent of socialization that can possibly be affected by relationship status

Sociology would study romance and academics to determine any connections Sociology Social Issues Teenage years spent searching for yourself lots of teens in romantic and sexual relationships today (Western culture)
Sexual activity in adolescents increasing over the years
Education is seen as a priority
The academic performance of a high school student in a relationship compares with that of a student not involved in any intimate relationship must be a relation between the two Conclusion Hypothesis: Adolescent students involved in an intimate relationship, which includes romantic and/or sexual, suffer academically


- Dating consumes time that can be used on school work/studying
- Significant other is a distraction
- Can’t focus in class because thinking about boyfriend or girlfriend
- Stress from relationship adds to stress from school
- Depression/Suicide (Break-ups or Fights)
- Pregnancy/Parenthood Reading, Writing, and Sex: The Effect of Losing Virginity on Academic Performance Increasing focus on the spillover effects of early sexual activity in teenagers

Some claim delaying first intercourse can benefit by enhancing self-control and encouraging greater future orientedness

Expected negative effect from loss of virginity on academic performance psychological distress, emotional distraction pay less attention to school work

Ordinary least squares (OLS) estimates show that non-virgins have grade point averages 0.2 points lower than virgins (National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health)

One theory suggests that losing one’s virginity has emotional effects because it prohibits from putting proper mental energies into school studies Adolescent Romantic Relationships Quality of adolescent romantic relationships can have long lasting effects on self-esteem and shape personal values

Healthy relationships are characterized by open communication levels and high levels of trust

61% of teens who have been in a relationship have reported that a partner has made them feel embarrassed about themselves; 27% say they have had a partner call them names or put them down; 15% say they have been hit, slapped, or pushed by a partner (Teenage Research Unlimited, 2006)

Teens who have experienced verbal, emotional or physical abuse from their partner are likely to develop a risk for depression Changes Over Time in Teenage Sexual Relationships: Comparing the High School Class of 1950, 1975, and 2000 Finding suggest a significant change in attitude towards sex and sexual experience when comparing the class of 1950 with the classes of 1975 and 2000 more liberal with time premarital sex more accepted now

Dramatically more people were sexually activity in the 1975 class (65%) and the 2000 class (69%) than in the 1950 class (24%) studied

Teens are now more likely to lose their virginity aged 16 or younger Adolescents’ Pregnancy Intentions, Wantedness, and Regret Pregnant adolescents face many problems and issues with their pregnancies
Anxiety during pregnancy

Regret which leads to depression maternal distress and depression after abortion or adoption

High parenting stress

Study shows that pregnancies at such young ages disrupt educational and life plans financial burden change school schedule for job and baby care Grades 9, 10, 11, 12, at all academic levels

75 students were surveyed; 47 in which were females and 28 were males. Majority (69%) of surveyed students in a relationship have an average above 80% More people answered “no” to if being in a romantic relationship negatively affects school grade in 3 out of 5 of the age groups All participants admitting sexual engagement are in moderately serious to very serious romantic relationships Survey - continued Discussion Will not suffer academically according to the article Sex Between Adolescents in Romantic Relationships is Often Harmless to their Academic Achievements and other Academic Measures, which states that “the detrimental outcomes commonly attributed to adolescent sexual intercourse occur mostly in non-romantic contexts Quotes from Surveys "If you are in a relationship you should be able to take care of yourself and other responsibilities"

"No because if you're mature enough to be in a relationship, you should be enough to find time to do school work"

"No because you can handle both if you know how to manage your time" Do you think being in a romantic relationship negatively affects school grades ? Interviews Primary research results opposite to expected

Adolescent romantic relationships do not have a definite negative effect on performance in school
disproved hypothesis

No evidence in primary research that supported destructive effects on academic success in adolescents at our high school that have a boyfriend or girlfriend

Adolescents in serious committed relationships should be mature enough to have their priorities straight so to balance their social and academic lives accordingly Funding Gives teens information on how their academic performance might change while in a relationship, before entering it

The primary research that our group carried was done strictly on students currently attending Father John Redmond

We initially had a negative idea of the effect but our primary research showed a more positive effect two supported answers to the big question further research would confirm which of our arguments holds true most consistently on a larger scale of people What are some factors that would affect the correlation between teenage relationships and academics?
Would less teens enter romantic relationships if they knew their grades would suffer indefinitely?
Why would some of the teens surveyed leave questions blank even though they knew that the surveys were completely anonymous? Answered: No Thank
you Adolescent Dating and School Degrassi- Episode Clips
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