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Skill-Related Fitness Project

A assignment for my HOPE class on FLVS.

Anna MacDonald

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Skill-Related Fitness Project

Schedule for Florida Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c SPORT Principles Specificity: FITT Principles Frequency: Equipment and Clothing Needed James Stark My client, James, is going on his summer vacation with a few of friends to Florida to enjoy life and get away from the stresses of home. He is an above average healthy 19 year old. James works out when he can, so he has a healthy body type. James's strengths are reaction time, (since he plays video games a lot), power, coordination, and agility. His weaknesses are balance and speed. Geographical Elements Evaluation of Skills Agility:
Reaction Time:
Speed: My Client: A Summer Vacationer fair. poor. poor. talented. talented. talented. Intinerary Learning How To Surf: Snorkeling: Paintballing: Hiking: things to do in Florida This requires balance and coordination. This requires coordination and power. This requires coordination, agility, speed, and reaction time. This requires power. Training Exercises in preparation for Florida Tai Chi: James will start taking the tai chi lessons at the same place he used to go to as a child. This tai chi class will help improve all of the skill-related fitness skills: agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed. Boxing James will find a boxing gym to go to. This will also improve all of the following skills: agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed. James will go to a target range in his area. This will improve his coordination and reaction time. Target Shooting Jogging James will jog around the lake next to his house to improve the power in his legs and his speed. Progression: Reversibility: Tedium: with the jogging James will be doing, it will improve his power. Jogging is a specific activity to improve power for the power needed for the hiking James will do. James will slowly learn more and more harder techniques in his tai chi and boxing classes. He will progress through these techniques slowly so he will not get injured. James will get help from his friends to motivate him to workout so he does not lose his skills. James has multiple workouts that are quite different from each other so he doesn't get bored of them and not want to workout any more. (Overload) James will set up a schedule so he can fit all of his workouts in before he goes on vacation. This schedule will have a constant, but also safe, frequency. Intensity: James will increase the intensity of each one of his workouts slowly to improve his skills. Type: the workouts I chose for my client are all designed to help him improve on certain skills that he will need for his vacation activites. Time: James will be increasing the time of each of his activites and techiniques he will learn slowly so he will improve his skills gradually. Location: Florida Orlando Learning How To Surf: Snorkeling: Paintballing: Hiking: James will have to face rough waves that threaten to knock him off at any second. His balance will be tested here. Here, James will have to face the challenge of having enough power to swim through the water with his gear, but he will also see many interesting colored fish. James will have the cover of the trees, which is much needed, in this activity. Some bushes will be there for cover also. Many of his skills will be tested in this activity. James will face tall hills and winding paths in his way while hiking. His power will be needed to overcome and go through these obstacles. Learning To Surf: Snorkeling: Paintballing: Hiking: A surfboard, wetsuit (optional) , surf wax, and a surfboard leash. A snorkel, wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkeling vest, and a underwater camera. A paintball gun, mask, paintballs, a tough shirt, tough pants, gloves, closed toe shoes, bug spray, water, body padding, and a change of clothes. Water, hiking shoes, bug spray, snacks, a backpack, and loose clothes.
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