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High School Attendence Policies

No description

marcus thune

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of High School Attendence Policies

High School Attendence Policies Educators think that 2 excused absences is enough time. 3 pionts of opposotion When kids are in school, they are learning more and getting more out of the class. Academics come first before athletics 8 points for my argument to change the current attendence policy 2 absences is not enough excused absences Appiontments, sickness can somtimes come up unexpectely Having a student go to school sick becuase he/she has no excused absences left. This is causing a virus to possibly contaminate other students Going on family vacations during the school year is important to be able to bond with your family Reasearch tells us that a student that spends more time with their family is more likely to not do drugs and interact in deviant acts Somone who has the flu and misses more than 2 days in that semester has to take finals. This could cause a student who is struggling in a class to lose a credit becuase he/she had to take their final. Please redo the current attendence policy and give the students a life out of school
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