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The Duff: Film Analysis

No description

Nimisha Narayanan

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of The Duff: Film Analysis

Work Experience
Photos: Evolution of Bianca
Interests: How Bianca Changes
Status Update: Potential Progress in High School Movies
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The jock isn't mean or that dumb. The main character is not "like other girls" and at the end of the movie, she realizes that "other girls" is just an abstract she made in her head and everyone cultivates their own individuality. The mom isn't displayed as rude as much as she is confused by her daughter's emotional growth spurt. Maybe high school movies are not just for high schoolers.
Shared a Link: Social Media and Social Status
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One key factor in Bianca's character change is that she doesn't: her perception of her character does. Unlike the lesson most romantic cmedies teach young girls, a pretty boy and an even prettier dress don't solve much. She's still a nerd, or a "duff," in the end of the movie: she just tries more to point out that everyone is or feels like one. Moreover, she pushes herself to be uncomfortable so she can propel her own character development.
In the beginning the characters are introduced through the means of a social media profile, thereby acknowledging the forum in which the majority of this generation defines themselves.
Education: Feminist Analysis
Location: High School
High school movies are often cultural distillations of the current generation. They emulate the high school environment into a microcosm that foreshadows the role of the future generation.
In brief: Bianca Piper transcends simplistic definitions
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However, it's important to note that in an attempt to transfer character development through tweets and 10-second status updates, the movie has not made its characters reductive. In fact, it blatantly makes fun of the crude nature of social media in its intro sequence. It's funny to imagine anyone who can define themselves in a hashtag.
The Duff
: Film Analysis

Whether it's a viral video or an acronym branded to her appearance, Bianca Piper develops enough confidence to disregard any label that attempts to objectify her into a high school trope.

One thing the movie breaks down is the dichotomy between physical beauty and personality. The two best friends are pretty, but also committed to developing their own personality traits. Bianca Piper herself realizes that her looks are just another facet of her that she is taught to obsess over. In fact, wearing a pretty dress to impress her date(Toby) transforms Bianca into a slightly more dressed up version of insecurity.
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