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Our investigation and observation process.

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Elizabeth Harris

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of Our investigation and observation process.

Our experiment
For our experiment we have created crystals out of 2 physical substances. To create crystals we have heated up these 2 substance with 10 mL of boiling water. We then froze the substances with the hot water so that the crystals would not completely solidify. This would create a physical change because of the reversible affect that could happen.
Science Investigation
By: Neil Singh

Our aim for this science investigation is to find out the result or outcome because of the way that my partner and I are changing the molecular structure by mixing solid substances to create a physically changed
Investigation on Salt Crystal.
This is what the salt crystal looked like before it was frozen. The salt had contained red dye so that we could see the substance more clearly. When we froze all of them at the same time we checked every hour to see if it was ready. It approximately took 2 hours for the crystals to be ready all together. When the salt crystal was done my partner and I observed for 5 minutes to see if the crystal was reversible which it was. This was the same for the other 2 crystals as well.
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