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Nasir Jamaludin

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of AIS630


Problem Based Learning
Identify and list all the problems face by Rafiq and describe the objective of the new computer-based information system he may proposed
>>Huge number of uncollected bills and the number keeps increasing.
>>The accounting department do not have time to keep track on each customer.
>>The accounting department do not have time to keep track on their customers outstanding balances.
>>Some overdue account went unnoticed.
>>The reminder for the debtors were not sent on time.
>>The company are not giving discounts to those settling their debts within 30 days.

The objective of the new computer-based information systems the he may propose is an information systems that can identify the good paymaster.
Prepare the both context and intermediate data flow diagrams for the present billings and collection system at Qaisara Trading
Explain to Rafiq why it is important to do preliminary investigation before thorough analysis and design of the new system
First step
Survey and preliminary investigation
Serve the need of company
How to achieve
Find out and analyze the causes
Identify how it will affect the personnel
Identify how it can be integrate
Help Rafiq to draft the system request elaborating more on the functionality of the proposed system
Easy to access the data where no need to keep repeat entering the customer data.
The customer data will be more accurate because all information are stored in the computer.
Less paperwork as all data are key in to the computer
Require short of time to check the customers' accounts
What does Zain means by “Prototyping”? It is justify to do prototyping in order to gather information on current problems? Discuss.
Prototype is a model of a proposed system.
>>quickly built and repeatedly modified based upon the reactions of users as they try out the prototype.
>>prototyping also act as a communication.
It is not justified to do prototyping in order to gather information on the current problems because in Qaisara Company:
>>there are only 2 person in the accounting department.
>>difficult and costly
Discuss the information gathering techniques that are relevant to Qaisara company.

Interviewee opinion and feelings
Read the background and determine the objective
Formal face-to-face meeting
Quick and effective
Structure and unstructured


How activity are carried out
Watch the potential users
How document are handled
Specify step are followed
See the reality of situation
Tasha argued: ”Why it is important to use system analysis and design methodologies when building a system? Why not just build the system in whatever way that seem to be “quick and easy”? Explain to Tasha.
System analysis:
Detailed understanding.
How the existing system works.
What the users required of the new system.
Used fact gathering techniques.
Used diagramming technique.
Users information needs.
New system requirements.
Ensure the new system will server the needs of the organization.

System design:
General system design and detailed system design.
Know what we need to develop the system.
What software to use.
Which software can be purchased and which software required to be developed
Zain said: “We are just going to improve the system and not to re-engineer everything”. Distinguish whether business process reengineering, improvement or automation is more relevant in solving Rafiq’s problem. Justified your answer.
Decide which design is appropriate to Rafiq. Justified your answer.

Developing own application
Reduce the development load
In the hands of end users
Meet their information needs
Risky because lack of skill and experience
Communication problem are reduce
Assuming that steering committee has agreed to the preliminary investigation of the system request, define the appropriate system boundary or scope that would solve the problem faces by Rafiq.
Draft a dataflow diagram of the new proposed system, defining clearly the boundary, the improve process, and report to be generated by the new system

Rafiq should set boundaries to the system in which their changes should be limit only to the billing and collection system.
Talhah’s uncle agreed to in-house development, apply SDLC approach to rafiq situation, describing the faces and its duration from the beginning till the end of the project.
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