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FedEx Case Study

No description

Rachel Basha

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of FedEx Case Study

Rachel, Mindy, Tom,
Ben and Amelia e-Business
Internet based interactions
Improve or transform business processes

FedEx’s Innovations
COSMOS- Online tracking
PowerShip- Bar-code labeling
Overnight Distribution etc…
FedEx’s e-Business Impact of FedEx Speed
Customer satisfaction
Information sharing
Real-time data
Reduced failure
Customer loyalty
Switching costs

Competitive advantage
Invented customer logistics management

Lower costs

Tighter supply chain management

Raised barriers to entry

Impact on Competitors & Industry 5 Subsidiary companies Whole is greater than the sum of the parts ... Different:
customer base
service offering
separate staff to deal with queries Managed independently
Responsible for their
own accounts FedEx Express (Federal Express)
FedEx Ground (RPS)
FedEx Custom Critical (Roberts Express)
FedEx Logistics (Caliber Logistics)
Viking Freight
Giving FedEx brand name to 4
of the 5 subsidiary companies
Reorganisation Pool together:
Customer service

Single Point of Access
“use IT to help customers take advantage of international markets”

1. Globalisation
2. Family Branding
3. Single Point of Access What is the role of IT in Fedex’s business strategy? FedEx Corporate Strategy IT in FedExd’s Business Strategies Purpose- analyse the transformation
through e-business

FedEx was pioneer of express
transportation and logistics.

Of great importance was speed
and reliability, and shortened lead-times
Introduction 1. Explain the virtual supply chain and changing definition of logistics

2. What is the role of IT in FedEx’s business strategy.

3. What is the impact of FedEx’s e-business

4. Explain the “whole is greater than the sum of parts” in building an e-business.
Outline the issues and findings Theory to be used Supply chain management
Customer value proposition
New product performance and timeliness
Value-adding exchanges
Streamline Branding
Maintain Competitive Advantage
in Logistics Solutions
Re-Structure to reflect new Subsidiaries

Discussion Re-Integrate branding under the
FedEx banner
Commission and outsource
technologies to save in R&D
Recommendations Organisational Structure is a major downfall

More productive and efficient technology

Prioritise Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Conclusion Federal Express
Roberts Express
Caliber Logistics
Viking Freight
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