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What is MLP?

No description

Joseph Osborn

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of What is MLP?

What is MLP?
MLP is a child show on the Hub their is 3 complete seasons and 1 in the making.
ware dose MLP take place?
MLP takes place in Equestria. the 3 main places are Ponyville, Crystal Empire, Canterlot.
Derpy my favorite pony
Derpy is my favorite pony (not in the main 6) she is amazing in so many ways i cant say mostly because of her eyes.
Rainbow Dash my favorite
Rainbow Dash is my favorite because she is fast and AWSOME and is 20% Cooler every episode.
I am a brony because i think the show is amazing and it is easy to get addicted.
MLP cast and characters
Rainbow dash and Applejack are my 2 favorite (in the main 6) and there voice is Ashleigh Ball. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie have the voice of Andrea Libman. Rarity has the voice of Tabitha Germain. Twilight Sparkle has the voice of Tara Strong.
Pegasisters are the same as bronies but pegasisters are female.
When did MLP start and end
MLP started in 2010 (new version) the old version started in 1983 and ended in 1992 in the US.
Bronies are unexpected fans of MLP
and will watch the show no matter
Why I am a brony
MY LITTLE PONY and My place in it
Sonic Rainboom!!!
My 2 favorite ponies
MLP Royalty
MLP Royalty is Princess Luna Princess Celestia (sisters) Cadence, Shining Armor (marred) and now Twilight Sparkle (Shining Armor's sister), Prince Blueblood (Princess Celestias nephew . Bad MLP Royalty is King Sombra (was king of the Crystal Empire), Queen Chrysalis.
Types of Ponies
Their are 4 types of ponies Earth, Pegasus, Unicorn, and Alicorns. Earth ponies are ponies with no wings or a horn. Pegasus ponies have wings and can fly but don't have horn. Unicorn's have a horn and their horn creates magic. Alicorn's have a horn and wings they can fly and create magic and all are Royalty.
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