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Influx of Liberal Ideas in the Philippines

HISTORY.. again.

Kind Santi

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Influx of Liberal Ideas in the Philippines

Influx of the
Liberal Ideas
in the
Philippines Influx of the Libreal Ideas in the Philippines Governor-General Carlos dela Torre Beginnings Liberalism in the Philippines Liberalism Philippines being open for World Trade Liberal Ideas from the French Revolution Moret Decree of 1870 Rivera

HISTORY Establishment of English firms
Royal decree in 1834 : official opening in World Trade Different foreign liberal ideas (Europe and America) came to the country Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine
"Two Treatises of Government" by John Locke
"Social Contract" by Jean Jacques Rousseau "people had the right to change or establish a new government if the existing government no longer meet their needs" intended to secularize
higher education
in the Philippines abolished censorship of press
abolished whipping as punishment
solved the agrarian unrest in Cavite
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