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Monster Mosquitos of Maine

My book report

Mason Steinke

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Monster Mosquitos of Maine

One day they went to a house that was thought to be haunted. Then Ray and Abby's friends dared them to go up to the house to see if it really was haunted.
Then the door of the house started to open all by itself. All our friends freaked out and got on their bikes and peddled as fast as they could. Then they turned around and were relieved to see it was only Mr. Henderson.
Ray said "Everyone says this house is haunted?" Then, Mr. Henderson looked at them wickedly and said that we had the wrong house. They left Mr.Henderson's house to look for the haunted farmhouse in the swamp that he had told them about. When they got to the swamp they heard a loud buzzing sound, and they saw the giant mosquito. Everyone ran away in separate directions.
This is when they discovered that the city was being invaded by Monster Mosquitoes! Soon they went inside a shed. When they were inside, they found a small type of motorcycle. When they started to ride out of the shed to escape, a mosquito came out of nowhere and smashed into them.
This monster was so big, it knocked them to the ground! She new all about the mosquitoes. She said that she was a Professor and she was the one that created the monsters.
She then yelled over to the kids that she will unlock the porch door. They needed to run as fast as they could to it.
Once the two were inside, the Professor told them about the giant monster mosquitoes that are taking over and destroying the city. After she told them about the monster mosquitoes, she went over to the sink and a giant mosquito exploded through the window. She reached out for a can of bug spray and sprayed towards it. The mosquito fell out of the air and through the window to the ground outside.
Then the Professor walked on to the porch. What they did not know was that the monster mosquitoes were waiting there for them! A mosquito attacked the frightened Professor. We screamed in terror!
They tried to find a weapon to fight off the dreaded beast that was attacking her. They ran upstairs and looked inside a closet. They found a weapon, it was a broom. Not a really good choice, but it would have to do. It was a lady. They yelled to see if she could hear them. She did not hear them at first, so they yelled even louder. She looked over at them with a cold stare. They yelled loudly, "Can you help us?" Then they ran to her and told her about the dangerous monster mosquitoes. OH MY!!!!!! BAM!!!! This book is about two kids that discover that the town was being invaded.... by Monster Mosquitoes! They were on the ground. With giant monster mosquito's all around them! Mosquitoes were everywhere! They had to run and get back to the shed. They were cowering in the shed for a while, and they finally heard a car pull into the driveway. The two kids were named Ray and Abby, and they did not believe in ghosts. When everyone left, Ray looked up and a huge monster mosquito came buzzing down and landed on his hand. This thing was the size of a June Bug! Ray smacked it with his hand and he continued riding away. They ran outside hitting the monster mosquito. It finally stopped moving. The Professor got up and they all ran fast down to the basement. They locked the door, and looked around. There was a lot of cool stuff down there. Then the lady professor said this is were I created them. She said it started from a potion she had put into a cow. And when a mosquito goes and sucks out some of its blood it, it continues to grow to a huge monster size mosquito. And that is how they got so big.
Then we heard the sound of scraping on the ceiling of the basement. Then we heard pounding on the door. They were trying to break in! Soon they were in the basement and we were cornered. There were 11 mosquitoes all around us. All of a sudden they started to shrink back down to normal size. The potion wore off! The mosquitoes were no longer monsters, and we had won the fight to stay alive. AHH!! RUN!!!!! The authors purpose of writing this book is to inspire people. The professor should have never put a dangerous potion into a cow.

The effect was the mosquitoes sucking up there blood and the potion which caused them to become humungous monsters.
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