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Analogy Between A Computer and The Human body

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steve wang

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Analogy Between A Computer and The Human body

Computer Component Comparison
The Human Body

Computer = Human Body?
- How is a computer similar to the human body?
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
The Central Processing Unit is like the brain of the body
The CPU controls the computer and is the most important part of a computer; just like how the brain controls the human body and is very important
The power needed by the computer is like how energy is needed for the human body
The computer needs power to collect and store data; just like how we need to eat food so we have the energy to do things
Expansion Slots
The Expansion Slot of computer is just like the arm of the human body
Expansion Slots are places on a computer where u can upgrade things; just like how u can take shots in your arm to strengthen your immune system
Parts of a Computer
The main parts of a computer includes:
- motherboard
- central processing unit (CPU)
- power
- random access memory (RAM)
- hard drive
- expansion slots
- computer units ( bit, byte, gigabyte, megabyte)
The motherboard is just like the skeleton of the body
The motherboard is the main structure of the computer; just like how the skeleton if the structure of the human body
Random Access Memory (RAM)
The RAM is just like the pre-frontal lobe of the brain
The RAM is a hardware which has the role of short term memory of the computer; just like how the pre-frontal lobe in the brain plays the role of short term memory in the body
Hard Drive
The Hard Drive of a computer is just like the Hippocampus of the human body
The Hard Drive is the long term memory of a computer; just like how memory becomes long term after it passes the hippocampus
The more you repeat something, the more times is passes the hippocampus, and soon it becomes long term memory
Computer Units
The Computer Units of a computer is just like how much food a human can take in
The Computer Units is a measuring system for how much data a computer can hold; just like how a human eats certain amount of food and when they feel full they stop eating
Computer Units: bit, bytes, megabytes. gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes
Human Body food intake units: grams, kilograms, pounds, liters, cups, teaspoons, tablespoons, bowls, plates, servings
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