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Greece and Eurozone Debt Crisis

No description

Charles Gleek

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Greece and Eurozone Debt Crisis

Who are the players? Sovereign European Union States
European Union (as an International Organization)
Multinational Banks
Participants in global financial markets
Other IOs: ECB, IMF A brief history of the EU To what extent does IR Theory explain the cooperation evident in the European Union?
Constructivism What is the current economic crisis in the Eurozone? Why Greece matters While interdependence can create peace and prosperity, it can also lead to the easy "infection" of harmful events that spread across the system. I Used to Think...But Now I think... Resources http://bbc.in/SOvN1N
http://goo.gl/4jlO3 Eurozone Debt Crisis When we began this study of the EU Debt Crisis, you all had some initial ideas about it and what it was all about. In just a few sentences, I want to write what it is that you used to think about the EU Debt Crisis. Take a minute to think back and then write down your response to “ I used to think…”

Now, I want you to think about how your ideas about the EU Debt Crisis have changed as a result of what we’ve been studying/doing/discussing. Again in just a few sentences write down what you now think about the EU Debt Crisis. Start your sentences with, “But now, I think… http://bbc.in/SOvN1N What really caused the Eurozone Crisis? http://goo.gl/15x6x How bad is it?
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