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Loathe at First Sight

No description

sahar rizvi

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of Loathe at First Sight

The story starts off with a guy named Alan who is trying to pickup a girl at the beach. He approaches her and begins complimenting her. He’s very attracted to her toes. He tries many things to get her attention but she doesn’t seem very interested. He finally asks her name and she says Hepzibah Flurge. He didn’t buy it and asked her actual name. She couldn’t resist telling her name and she said Anne. Alan was getting desperate and asked what was wrong, he was told by Anne that he came on too strong at the beginning. They restarted their conversation with a simple hello. Anne asked how the water was and Alan responded with its cold at first but it warms up after a while. Anne responded with many things are like that.

Historical Background
The story is set in a modern time period, which makes it easier for us to connect to the situation. The story takes place at a beach, where a boy is attracted to a girl and tries to use cheesy pick up lines on her, which don't really help him at all. This scenario is one that can be seen taking place in today's day and age, as it is something very common.
Biographical Information
Author: Ellen Conford
Background on Author:
Born: New York City, New York, March 20th, 1942
Died: March 20th, 2015
-likes to cook, crossword puzzles, watch old movies, play scrabble. Reads mysteries, cookbooks, history, sociology, and psychology
-writes books for young adults and children
-studied at Hofstra college from 1959-1962.
-she died on her 73rd birthday
-has won ‘best book of the year for children’ ‘parents choice award’ ‘best book of the international interest citation’ ‘best book of the year citation’
-many of her writings became tv series or tv specials for young adults and children
-writes about high school, crushes, and teenage things
-died of heart ailment
-born as Ellen Schaffer

By:Alyzeh F., Anjali P. & Sahar R.
Loathe at First Sight
Theme: the theme of this short story is set to be sort of a romantic comedy as the characters are shown having a humorous banter back and forth. The male character is obviously romantic interest to the female character, which is why he repeatedly tries to woo her over.

Pun: in the book, the male character uses a pun which only manages to amuse no one other than himself.

imagery: as the author continues the story, she uses many words to create the image of the characters on the beach
-dreams of victory (1973)
-felicia the critic (1973)
-me and the terrible two (1974)
-the luck of pokey bloom (1975)
-Dear lovey hart, i am desperate (1975)
-the alfred g graebner memorial high school handbook of rules and regulations (1976)

Picture Books:
-impossible, possum (1971)
-why can’t i be willian (1972)
-just the thing for geraldine (1974)
-eugene the brave (1978

Annabel the Actress
-Annabel the Actress: Starring in Gorilla My Dreams (1999)
-Annabel the Actress: Starring in Just a Little Extra (2000)
-Annabel the Actress: Starring In Hound of the Barkervilles (2002)
-Annabel the Actress: Starring in Camping It Up (2004)
Jenny Archer
-A Job for Jenny Archer (1988)
-A Case for Jenny Archer (1988)
-Jenny Archer, Author (1989)
-What's Cooking, Jenny Archer? (1989)
-Jenny Archer to the Rescue (1990)
-Can Do, Jenny Archer (1992)
-Nibble, Nibble, Jenny Archer (1993)
-Get the Picture Jenny Archer? (1993)
-Shelf Life: Stories by the Book (2003)
-If This is Love, I'll Take Spaghetti (1990)
-'I Love You, I Hate You, Get Lost (1994)
-Crush (1998)
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