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Nikisha Mitran

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Occupation:Social Worker By: Nikisha Mitran Earnings Related Occupations THE END! Job Outlook Advancement Employment Training and other qualifications The Nature of Work Work Environment: Why does this career interests me? There are two types main types of Social Workers: This career interests me because I enjoy spending time with people. I also want to help with bigger problems than me. *variety of settings
*mental health clinics
*private practices *BSW degree required for direct service positions
*most positions need a MSW degree (generally takes 2 years)
*clinical social workers must be licensed * works full time and may need to work evenings and weekends *compassion
*listening skills
*organization skills
*people skills
*problem solving skills
*time-management skills direct services:
*cope with problems in their everyday lives clinical workers:
* check and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional problems *social and human service assistants *substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor* health educators*mental health counselors and marriage family therapists *probation officers and correctional treatment specialist*psychologists *social and community service manager*rehab counselor *school and career counselor * $47,230 health care
*$40,210 family,child, and school
*$38,600 mental health and substance abuse
*$51,500 other
* wedges for most$39,250
* These pays did not fit my budget it is. *Child,Family,and School: employment:295,700projected: 353,900percentage: 20% numeric: 58,200 *Mental Health and Substance:
percent: 31%
numeric: 39,500 *Health Care:
projected: 203,900
percentage: 34%
numeric: 51,200 *25% 2010-2020 all types*growth will be demand in healthcare 34%*20% child family care *31% mental care *psychology
* economics
*political science
*Note: These majors are recommended to take in college to help in the job.
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