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Marriage law 1950

No description

ana colin

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Marriage law 1950

Marriage Law 1950
Ana Colin Married couples could get divorced.
Arranged marriages declined. legal equality for men and women. Men could only have one wife. only free choice marriages. Protected women and children. Couples had to register their marriage. Resulted in many marriage disputes. Arranged marriages continued in the country but by free will. Prohibited child betrothals. The Marriage law 1950 should stay as law because
women gained rights;before the law marriages were
arranged and the couple had no choice about marriage.
After the law they could decide whether to marry.
Women were also given property rightsand the ability to divorce. Men can't have more than one wife. women could loosevaluable rights gain thru the law if it was revoked.
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