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Rapidly decreasing amounts of fossil fuels!

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Osvaldo Ceja

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Rapidly decreasing amounts of fossil fuels!

Rapidly decreasing amounts of fossil fuels
Cause 1:People
Did you know that we lose our fuel because of our needs?
Cause 2:Coal
Coal is a big problem and one of the reasons of why our fossil fuels are decreasing.The coal would burn the fossil fuels to fast to create any electricity to be made.Its not like you could go in and out with a lot of coal in store.It takes time to process the coal.Then it burn the fossil fuels which lowers the amount of fossil fuel avalible.That is how the coal decreases the amounts of fossil fuels.
Effects of:People
These are the outcomes of the problem of people using the fossil fuels.When we use the ac or other things that need electricity it lowers down.The reason it does this because the AC uses electricity.Then fossil fuels have create more energy.In shorter words the people a using up fossil fuels availible!
Cause 3:Transportation
Fact:Rides that we use to go to school is using up large ls amounts of our fossil fuels.How do the cars waste it?Well local gas stations use the fuel to power our cars.When we go get more gas,the fossil fuel is being processed to the tank which uses a ton of the amounts availible.When we turn on our car we use a bunch of it which goes to waste.That is how transportation uses up fossil fuels.
Effect 3:Transportation
Like I said our cars that we use to go to school are using way to much of our remaining fossil fuels!?The reason why thats happening is very clear to you and me.The reason is that when we use fuel for our cars we are using our availible and only fossil fuel.When we are getting gas we are using large amounts of of the states fuel.
Effect 2:Coal
This is how the coal lowers the amounts of fossil fuels.Well to start off the coal burns the fossil fuel too fast.How it does that is when they burn it the fuel gets burned in the process and trust me it is very hard to find fossils and make them into fuel!Plus it is hard to renew the hard worked fuel that the workers made
This is the reason how that happens and why.Heating is something that uses electricity.That electricity is fossil fuels.Once you turn it on you waste tons of fossil fuel.Leaving the lights on in a room,that is wasting the amounts of available fuel.That is how us people use up our avalible fossil fuels in our state.
SOULUTION 1:Bio fuel insead of fossils
The solution to our decreasing of the fuel is very simple.Biofuel is one way to stop it.Ulike fossil fuels biofuel is very renewable because they are natural.Plus in a benificial way this type of fuel doesnt give out any CO2!That is why biofuel is the way to go!
Solution 2:Eletric cars no fuel cars!
A solution to transportation is using no fueled cars,but eletric cars.Here is some evidence of why that is.Fueled cars,thay are great but waste a lot of fossil fuels.Then eletric cars dont use gas and is great for the enviornment because it doesnt give off the CO2 like the regular fueled cars.
Action plan and self reflection
Well we learned a lot about how we can learn the causes,effects,and solutions.Well this is what my family and I will do.Evertime there is a light on but not in use turn it off.Dad said to turn off all electronic devices in the house.After all this I am now aware of all the electronic that I am using and think about how am I going to conserve all this energy?
These are websites that I used:
Well as you can see this is very important because its lowering down by the second.Something YOU could do is this.Unplug thing that are not really needed at the time.Then another thing you can do is turn off lights that you aren't using.That is something that is simple and easy for all of us to do.
Decreasing amount of fossil fuels
The worlds suplly of fossil fuels is lowering really fast.This is caused by people,coal,and transportation.There are ways to stop the decreases and grab more.The outcome of this will be no electricity.Unless we do stuff to stop this the fossil fuel rate is still dropping!
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