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100mentors - Interview Preparation

This presentation is part of the 100mentors Training Material for Mentors.

Yiorgos Nikoletakis

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of 100mentors - Interview Preparation

Categories of Questions
"Walk me through your CV"
"Where do you see yourself in ______ years"
The "why's"
Strengths & Weaknesses
Examples - Teamwork, Leadership, Challenges
"Do you have any questions?"
"Do you have any questions?"
"Nope! Have a good day!"
Stand Out in a Competitive Process
"Walk me through your CV"
"Where do you see yourself
in ____ years?"
Short & Long term vision
Articulate plan & make it relevant to your values/goals
Is opportunity leading to your long-term career?
Elevator pitch
Highlighting relevant bullets
Making it flow
The "Why's"
Why should we hire you?
Why do you fit with our team?
Why now?
Why's regarding your CV bullets
Strengths & Weaknesses
Strengths - Piece of cake!
Weaknesses - Give this the most thought before even applying!
Apply to jobs that embrace your weaknesses
Make use of your analytical skills
Examples: Teamwork, Leadership, Challenges
STAR(S) Method
Types: Numerical & Logic
Take your time & explain your thought process
You just lost the job....
Research company & ask opinions
Ask about learning opportunities & team support
Formulate a follow-up questions on the spot - Make it a conversation!
Remember - You are interviewing them as well - Do you want to join this company?
Email: info@100mentors.com
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