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Blended Learning in LASD

Executive Publishing Summit, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2012

Kami Thordarson

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of Blended Learning in LASD

The blending of an online delivery system
of educational content with other quality tools,
best instructional practices, and opportunities
for classroom interaction. Partnership Use of data
to design
instruction. Creative
Agency Videos Los Altos School District
4,500 students
7 elementary schools
2 jr. high schools
consistently ranked top in the state Educational
Blueprint meet the needs of individual students
encourage learning, increase training, and sharing of best practices
explore, develop and implement innovative practices Los Altos School District
and Khan Academy Los Altos, CA Regular Mode Power Mode Progress Report Progress Summary Re-Thinking:
Essential Questions
Curriculum Resources Looking Ahead Filtering Struggling Students Individual Student Data Focus Graph Student Created Videos Blogging Edmodo Student Collaboration Design Thinking Projects Student Perspectives Where are we? Blended Learning Interactive lessons
Dynamic Curriculum
Teachers as Designers
Focus on Creativity
Focus on Digital Citizenship Progress Over Time Daily Activity Building Community Building Communication Customization Kami Thordarson
Innovative Strategies Coach
Los Altos School District
email: kthordarson@lasdschools.org
Twitter @kamithor, @lasdk8
Blog: lasdilearn.blogspot.com http://tinyurl.com/lasd-innovation
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