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Grzeda's Diction-airy

No description

johnnie richardson

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Grzeda's Diction-airy

L.O.L - (law-l) A popular acronym for Laughing.Out.Loud
[Verb] Legit Something That is Legitimate (noun) Ex-You are legit. Awesome Sauce [interjection] response for something you thing is awesome EX)AwesomeSause! p1,that's why the chicken crossed the road.p2,LOL EX- Ermagerd [Interjection] An exclamation of excitement or non belief Ermagerd, I cant believe Carol said that. Ex- Fly fashionable or hip You are so fly! Adjective Tumbling the act of posting on tumbler.com Verb I have to tumble, be right back A.S.A.P Acronym for As Soon As Possible Get those reports in A.S.A.P Adjective Description of someone who is Awesome You are so Boss. Boss Whovian Someone obsessed with BBC's "Doctor Who" (adverb) (adverb) (adverb) (adjective) (Noun) Are you a Whovian? Cray'ns (Noun) A devise used by first graders to color pictures that they made. Give Bobby his cray'ns, exclaimed the oddly Boston Accented Mr Grzeda. A-OK (indefinite article) (adjective) 1)An exclamation of being
2)telling someone that you are alright How are you doing?
I'm A-OK. Meng (Noun) Hey Meng. A person, usually someone to whom you are closely acquainted with. L8TR (adverb) A point in the future relative to the speakers discretion This was fun I'll see you L8TR. B.R.B Acronym for Be Right Back (verb) (adverb) (verb) B.R.B, I have to feed my dogs. AWOL (adjective) Missing, gone from sight and mind Where is Jerry he's gone AWOL R.o.f.l Rolling on Floor Laughing (Verb) (preposition) (Noun) (Verb) That made me ROFL,you have no idea. Troll Adjective Description of a person who pranks, tricks, or bamboozles others You are such a troll Crown Another way to say crayon.
Its a northern accent,like in Pittsburgh. (Noun) Give me the crown Chips (Noun) I'd like some fish & chips What the Brits call french fries Oh Snap! An exclamation of excitement,
either good or bad. Interjection Oh-Snap!I forgot to do the Prezi. Turbros Noun The Ultimate expression of brother hood, combination of Turbo & Bro. We are Turbros! Rockin verb/adjective 1)To either rock or have a good time.
2) Positive description of something. This Party is ROCKIN! T.T.F.N TaTa.For.Now (interjection) (Preposition) (adverb) 1)Goodbye, see you later.
2)Tigger's catchphrase. T.T.F.N Creeper Noun 1) a person who stalks or fallows you.
2) a strange or odd person.
3)the most annoying thing in Minecraft. 1&2)You're such a creeper, go away.
3)Jeezus Christ!! Townny Noun A person obsessed with someting,
a fan You're being such a Townny. Tube The Television The Noun I'm watching the tube! I.D.K I Don't Know (noun) (verb) (verb) p1)What does I.D.K mean?
p2)I don't know.
p1)No one knows! Coolio A saying to tell that something is cool adjective p1)blah, blah, blah. p2) Coolio. Shmowzow! Interjection Exclamation of joy and amazement Shmowzow!
That's fantastic. Okey-Dokey adjective Describe something as acceptable Go get pizza. Okey-Dokey Esxqueez me Interjection A dumb way to say excuse me. Exsqueez me, are going to eat that? Great Scott! 1) exclamation of disbelief
2)british people say it a lot in
old detective movies Great Scott! It's Jack the Ripper Peace interjection To announce your exit. Johnnie is out,
Peace Cool Beans (adjective) (noun) (adjective) (noun) 1)To say how great something is
2)tell the temperature of beans
3)exclamation of greatness teacher)Here is your test.
kid) an A+, cool beans. Mines The (noun) Work,
job I'm off to
the Mines Thank you to onlineslangdictionary.com and they're random button Rad adjective That is so Rad! 1)Describe something as awesome or amazing. Throne Noun Dont bother me i'm on the throne! A toilet.
The porcelain
throne,the John.Its a way to say toilet, not much else to say Player noun Someone who dates more than one person.
A cheater. Get away you stupid player! Scum Bucket Someone who is undesirable,rude,and cruel (adjective) (noun) Why would you say that, Scum Bucket. Money Something that is good.
Not any kind of currency That's so money! adjective Go Ape verb noun To get furious, to go into a deep rage. Aww man!This guy is about to Go Ape on you. you'd best watch it Holmes. Down the Road adjective definite article noun A point in the future You'll regret that Down The Road Teachers Pet To act overly fawning.
Kiss up to an authority figure . (noun) (noun) You are such a teachers pet. Cheddar N
N A synonym for money,$. Did you get the Cheddar? Crack to it Verb Preposition Pronoun Dont just stand there, Crack to it! To start something. To commence. Pie Hole Mouth. Usually
used with a negative connotation Shut your Pie Hole ! Loaded n
n n
n To have lots of money.
To be financially secure. Adjective Whoa man you are loaded, set for life. Lazer in on noun prepositions To focus all your attention on. Lazer in on him! The In crowd (definite article) (preposition) (noun) Popular people.
Cool kids.
A group of "betters". Get away! I'm in the in crowd Face the Music (verb) (definite article) (noun) to take punishment.
get whats coming to you. Its time to Face the Music DERP (adjective/adverb) 1)Description of a stupid person
2)To do something stupid You are such a Derp. Uni Abbreviation or
University/College I'm off to Uni Pashaw (pronoun) 1)forget about it
2)Replacement for what ever. parent)Do your homework!
kid)Pashaw. Doze off Verb Verb To fall asleep Stop dozing off. This isn't a slide Not part of the prezi Stop reading these random slides Free Loader Adjective Adjective 1) some one who mooches off others
2) a person who lives off of others work Even though you're a free loader,ill let you live here until you get back on your feet in A Pickle preposition pronoun noun 1)to get in a stressful situation
2)get in trouble oh ho ho, Im in a pickle now Beast Adjective 1) Description of something cool
2) someone who is awesome
3)level of high status in a certain thing Man you are just a beast at everything bring home the Bacon verb noun definite article noun 1)To support your family,
2)To provide for your family Be sure to bring home the bacon, honey. Just desserts adjective noun 1)to get what you deserve.
2) getting whats coming to you. The third course is just desserts
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