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Humanities Mapping Assignment

No description

Katrina Anastasopoulos

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Humanities Mapping Assignment

By Katrina Anastasopoulos 7r 2012 Holiday Retreat Distance travelled to get there:
Melbourne - Denpasar
4402.56km, 5h 30m

Latitude & Longitude:
8.6500˚ S
115.2167˚ E

Climate in September:
Max 31˚ Min 22˚
Hot & Humid Bali, Denpasar Places Visited:
- Circus Waterpark
- Quad Discovery Tours
- Gold Dust Beauty Lounge

The One Boutique Villa $355per night

Language, Religion & Currency:
Balinese, Indonesian
Rupiah Australia, Darwin Distance travelled to get there:
Denpasar - Darwin
1765km, 1h 50m

Latitude & Longitude:
12.4667˚ S, 130.8333˚ E

Climate in September:
Max 32.6˚, Min 23.1˚
Hot & Sunny Places Visited:
- Night Walk at Waterfront
- Mindil Beach Markets

Crown Plaza $220per night

Language, Religion & Currency:
Australian, Christian,
Australian Dollar Distance travelled to get there: Darwin - Dili
720.14km, 1h 6m

Latitude & Longitude:
8.5500˚ S, 125.5833˚ E

Climate in September:
Max 31˚ Min 22˚
Humid & Overcast East Timor, Dili Places Visited:
- Ocean Adventures day tour
- Comarca Restaurant

Esplanada Hotel $160per night

Language, Religion & Currency:
Tetun/Portugueese, Catholic, US Dollar Fiji, Suva Distance travelled to get there:
Dili - Suva
5791.95km, 9h 20m

Latitude & Longitude:
18.1416˚ S, 178.4419˚E

Climate in September:
Max 34˚ Min 24˚
Hot & Sunny Places Visited:
- Vuda Lookout
- Kayakin
- Diving

Holiday Inn $340per

Language, Religion & Currency:
Fijian, Christian, Fijian Dollar Philippines, Manila Distance travelled to get there: Suva - Manila
7237.6km, 9h 20m

Latitude & Longitude:
14.5833˚ N, 121.00˚ E

Climate in September:
Max 31˚ Min 24˚
Humid & Hot Places Visited:
- Correglodor Island
- Manila Ocean Park

Hotel Celeste $126per night

Language, Religion & Currency:
Fillipino, Roman Catholic, Philippine Peso Manila - Melbourne Arrive at Melbourne International
Airport Flights Melbourne - Denpasar: Quantas @ 6:30am $1,121
Denpasar - Darwin: Quantas @ 10:50am $810
Darwin - Dili: Quantas @ 6:30am $505
Dili - Suva: Quantas @ 7:15am $2,082 (stopover in Sydney)
Suva - Manila: Air Pacific @ 8:25pm $876 (stopover in Hong Kong
Manila - Melbourne: Air Pacific @ 7:25am $776 (3 Days Stayed) (3 Days Stayed) (3 Days Stayed) (4 Days Stayed) (3 Days Stayed) Asia Pacific Map No.1: Melbourne No.2: Denpasar No.3: Darwin No.4: Dili No.5: Suva No.6: Manila 1 2 3 4 5 6 No.7: Melbourne 7 Bibliography Religions in Bali, 2004, retrieved 6/8/2012:

http://www.bali1.com/bali-island/religion-in-bali.htm Language spoken in the Phillippines, 2012, retrieved 6/8/2012:
http://www.ethnologue.com/show_country.asp?name=PH Philippines currency, 1995, retrieved 6/8/2012:

http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/asia/philippines/currency-philippines/ Attractions in the Philippines, 2012, 6/8/2012

http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attractions-g298573-Activities-Manila_Metro_Manila_Luzon.html Distance from Manila to Melbourne, 2005, retrieved 6/8/2012

http://www.prokerala.com/travel/distance/from-manila-ph/to-melbourne/ Wego, 2012, retrieved 9/8/12

http://www.wego.com/ The End.
If you have any quieries please contact Katrina on 0447712214
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