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Careers Presentation

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Chris Won

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Careers Presentation

A Brief Presentation Art,Design and Media A short activity to get acquainted with us Guess Who I Am Christopher and Emily Architecture Naomi Fashion Designer Vicky Interior Design Ashley Fine artist Were You Listening? Quiz You can't live without artistic people Wrap Up The art or practice of designing
and constructing buildings. You work anywhere
you can draw On average architects
in Canada make $86,911 k Benefits
medical benefit
More vacation time There are no different levels
only differentiation is how much
experience you have Pro and Con A Fine Artist is someone who usually focuses more in the beauty and meaning of their artwork than utility An artist usually works in
a studio in which they choose Salary varies as it comes from commissions and how well their art sells, and an artist can also teach and write art books.
Stats show an average Canadian artist makes about
$350,000 per annum Some Benefits
creative outlet
meet others with same intrest There are no different positions, only your experience and level of education Pros and Cons Fashion design is the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Their salary heavily depends on your position and designs There are separate positions determined by how popular your designs are Pros and Cons Interior design describes a group of various yet related projects that involve turning an interior space into an "effective setting for the range of human activities" that are to take place there. Average salary is 22.46 per hour They normally work inside Benefits
health benefits Mainly work indoors and may
have to travel to places meeting
clients and viewing places Benefits
paid holidays and vacations
health insurance
pension plan
Not applicable to self hired or people that get commissioned Pros and Cons Commercial Artist Nicole Retirement and Pension Art, Design and Media Universities and Courses Ryerson University
Architectural Design/Management
University of Waterloo
Design/Culture/Building Technology
University of Toronto
Carleton University
University of Guelph
Landscape Architecture Fashion Designer
Fashion Marketer
Seamstress Universities and Courses Universities and Courses Universities and Courses Jobs Retirement and Pension Jobs Jobs Retirement and Pension Jobs Retirement and Pension The Art Institute of Vancouver
Fashion Design/Marketing
Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver
Fashion Design/Marketing and Merchandising
John Casablanca's Institute
Fashion Business
Creative Arts
Ashworth College
Fashion Retailing
Stratford Career Institute
Fashion Design/Merchandising
Sewing and Dressmaking Architect
Landscape Architect
Project Manager Interior Designer fine artist
commercial artist
cartoon designer
graphic design
web design
painter Ryerson University
Sheridan College
Mount Royal University
RCC Institute of Technology
Philosophy of design
Advanced estimating/budgeting and restoration
Canadian and global architecture and design Fashion Designers
large companies give retirement plans, pension varies on the company
self-employed designers provide their own retirement plans Interior Designer
Large companies provide retirement plans
Self-employed designers must provide their own benefits and retirement themselves A Commercial Artist works with different clients to help create an artistic ad to bring their message in an interesting way Anywhere they can draw , may have to use weekend times and sit at computers for long time Get around $52,310 per year Benefits There are different positions depending how long you have worked Pros and Cons Architects receive retirement plans from their companies.
Pensions vary depending on the company. Large companies provide retirement plans
Self-employed artists must provide their own retirement plans OCAD University
Drawing and Painting
Graphic Design
Commercial Art
Art Institute of Vancouver
Game Art & Design
3D modeling for Animation and Games
Emily Carr University
Computer Graphics 4. How does a Fine Artist make money? Qualifications 1. Which occupation is expected to grow faster than normal careers? Architect 2. Name 2 interior design universities or colleges in Ontario. Ryerson University, Humber College, Sheridan College, Algonquin College, Conestoga College 3.Which occupation is influenced by cultural and social latitude and changes over time and place? Fashion Designer 5. Name 2 related jobs in the process of fashion designing. 6.What is the main role of a Commercial Artist? Other designers, Pattern maker, Textile designer, Technical designer, Sample maker, Tailor, Model By selling their artwork or accepting commissions. To takes the goal or vision of a company and portray it to the public in an artistic way 7.How must architects distinguish themselves? By creativity 8.Which job is more than just knowing a thing or two about colour and style? Interior Designer 11.Which occupation has an 86% of female and 14% of male workers? 10.What are the 3 categories of mediums that fine artists can do? Give an example of each. Fashion Designer 2-dimensional work (painting, drawing)
3-dimensional work (sculpting, installing)
4-dimensional work (moving images) 9. A commercial artist needs how many years of training before advancing to higher positions? Usually 1 to 3 years 13.A fine artist who specializes in painting may focus on what types of painting? 12.Which job requires the following qualifications? Bachelor’s degree in industrial design, architecture or engineer. Commercial Artist Abstract, surreal, landscapes, portraits, or cubism 14.List some benefits of a Commercial Artist. 15.What is the average salary of an Interior Designer in Toronto (2010)? BONUS: Having a sketching ability is an important advantage for which job? Paid vacation, sick leave, health insurance, retirement plans 22.46 per hour All!
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