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What Are The Causes Of The Don Valley River Flooding?

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Wagmah Nadjibulla

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of What Are The Causes Of The Don Valley River Flooding?

Torrential Rains
Hurricane Hazel
On October 5, 1954, Hurricane Hazel struck the US and then moved on to Canada.It caused 81 deaths in total in all of Canada, most taking place in Toronto. It came to Canada as a huge storm and it was what caused the Don Valley River to flood. The flooding initially ended up with the streets being flooded with water and no transportation.Two cars were swept off the road after the roads flooded and ended up in the Don River. The three occupants were rescued. Alex Nicholson, a motorist, was stranded in the river, where he was rescued by an aerial ladder which was swung over the river.
What Are The Main Causes And Results Of The Don Valley River Flooding?
About The River
The Don River is one of the two rivers that are heading towards the shore of lake Ontario. It was first found approximately 12,500 years BP. There is evidence that people had begun settling around it at 6000 BP. It is 38 kilometers in length, it starts from Oak Ridges Moraine and ends to Lake Ontario.
The Don River has flooded many times, essentially due to two different reasons; Torrential rain (big thunderstorms causing lots of rain) and hurricanes. We'll be explaining more on both of these reasons and the results of the floods on the city of Toronto.
On ,Wednesday, May. 29 2013,5 am, the roads were closed due to an earlier flood. There was a heavy rainstorm earlier that day with rains of 60 millimeters. When there is a really high amount of rain over a river, the water becomes too much and spills over the banks, resulting in floods. The nearby roads were flooded and as a result had to be closed. The City of Toronto received over 300 calls relating to flooded basement, sewer problems, and other things. GO transit was also stopped, resulting in the average 259,500 passengers per day getting no transportation.
These were the main two reasons for the Don Valley river floods. They both result in the streets being swept with water and most, if not all transportation stopped. Vehicles have to be abandoned, basements are flooded, and sewers cease to work. These are the causes and results of the Don Valley River floods.
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