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Restless 'Sustainable' Development

Draft Presentation for Creative Space Workshop - May 2013

Hannah Smith

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of Restless 'Sustainable' Development

Impact on people and planet
The Arctic mirrors the suns rays back, keeping the planet cool. This 'mirror' has shrunk to smallest size yet recorded, releasing dangerous gases such as Methane... The ocean begins to acidify...
Sustainable Programming
Restless 'Sustainable' Development
Creative Space
Ethical finance & fundraising
"We all need to take a serious look at the way we are developing. Developed countries pursued economic growth and development at a time when everything was different. Energy prices were low, there was no pressure on resources, the markets were different. If we continue the same way, we will quite simply exclude a large part of humanity from development. No satisfactory solution has emerged to deal with climate. In Asia, the quantity of resources extracted has doubled in just 20 years.
Developing countries have to realise that it is in their best interests to use resources more efficiently than developed countries. The mitigation of emissions has a global benefit but also a local one, in things like air pollution. In India, there is a major battle going on between the ministry of forests and the ministry of mining. There's clearly a conflict over development paths. Does the government understand what is at stake? Not entirely. Not yet."
Thomas Friedman, American author of the bestselling book Hot, Flat and Crowded: "I'm 59, a baby boomer. Our parents built us an incredible world of freedom by practising sustainable values. We are the grasshopper generation. We ate it all. The situation allows me to emit more carbon, so I do it... What freedom was to our parents must be sustainable development to our children. There is a happy ending, but we just don't know yet whether it will be fiction or non-fiction."
Biodiversity loss, drought and deforestation threatens millions of livelihoods dependent on agriculture, fisheries, forestry resources, and other delicate ecosystems
Forests capture carbon from the atmosphere and put it back in to the earth. These 'lungs' of the world are disappearing quickly through harmful deforestation practices, meaning the planet cannot capture carbon...
Increased severe weather = Millions vulnerable to flash-flooding, wild fires, storms and crippling drought
Climate migrants displaced across the world
Resource wars (Darfur), territorial conflict and violence
Food insecurity for millions as crops are lost on unprecedented scales
Rapid reduction in health and sanitation
Destruction of communities, businesses and homes across the world
Crash Course in Climate Science
Climate crash-course
Impact on development
As temperatures soar, catastrophic weather and climate impacts take place, including droughts and wildfires which increase carbon in the atmosphere. This creates a loop which feeds itself more and more carbon, loading the dice against us...
Rapid ulteration of the global environment and population =
A CHOICE: either we take action to reduce the severest impacts together, or we are each forced to adapt when the time comes...
Resource scarcity sends the global economy into far deeper crisis, hitting the poorest the hardest
Barrier to progress
Welcome to this crash-course on climate change & sustainable development!
We will be building on this Prezi over time to add content on the latest peer-reviewed science, useful resources for working on the issues, and ideas on how to transform our organisation!
Opportunity of our generation
Inspiring / Useful Videos:
There's vast energy thrusting up from below but the pilots in the cockpit are fighting over the flight plan.
"In the last year, the US has lost 20% of its soy and maize harvest, had the single hottest month, a massive drought, the hottest 12 months ever recorded, and the most hurricanes and storm surges. And President Obama only added one paragraph about climate in his inaugural address... Obama's political advisers stopped him because he might have upset Exxon Mobil and that could have affected the next election." - Jeffrey Sachs
Useful Quotes:
Useful Websites:

“It is the youth of the world who can set the agenda for the future and pursue it with diligence. We must do all we can to empower young people to take action, because the future belongs to them.”
- R. Pachauri Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
"There is a shift taking place. Against the odds, climate change is being treated by an increasing amount of people, as something that can be turned into a positive opportunity. This became visible when hundreds of young adults and teenagers from across the country, converged in London this autumn for Power Shift ‘09." - Positive News
Solutions for development
What can we at Restless do about it?
Political (lack of) will
This is best viewed in full-screen. You can use the arrows at the bottom to navigate your way through for ease. Or you can zoom in and out, drag the screen around to make your own way through at your own pace and re-read things if useful.
"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."
Brundtland Report: http://www.un-documents.net/wced-ocf.htm
Further Reading:
20% of the population consumes
80% of the planet's natural resources
Sustainable Development!
Land-grabbing for biofuels as a 'clean' fuel displaces people and converts food-producing land
Young People Can
Stay tuned for an exploration of the solutions!
...coming soon :)
Measure our carbon footprint
Raise our knowledge, skills and capacity
Green office space
- Waste management
- Energy usage
- Transport and Travel
- Other ideas?
For now, here's something to get you started...
Sustainable Agriculture: http://asi.ucdavis.edu/sarep/about/def
Phew! Well done for making it all the way through. We're done with the presentation for now, but feel free to roam freely through the Prezi now by dragging your mouse around the screen and zoom in and out to explore different sections.

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to email hannahs@restlessdevelopment.org :)

The Green Team
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